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Dearest ones, I am on the move forward in the earth to accomplish the goals that are necessary to finish the work speedily. I now have a people who are listening to my voice and heeding my instructions, and upon whom I am pouring out my light which is to be given to the world before I come back to receive them to myself. This gives me great joy, and I pass that joy on to you today.

Now for the topic of today. The subject is fear. Every person on earth has fear because of the sin of Adam and Eve which has passed on to the whole human race. This fear began when they discovered that their robe of light had disappeared. You cannot know the horror and desperation that they felt at that moment. It instantly became clear to them that they had sinned and disobeyed my command not to eat of the forbidden tree. But their realization had come too late, and a fear of death and of me and of the unknown drove them to try to make fig leaf garments for themselves to escape their sense of impending doom. Although I had never given them reason to fear me or my wrath as they now envisioned it, they automatically saw me in a light which was given to them by the devil, for he fears and trembles at my power, and desperately wishes to avoid the fires of hell which awaits him and all his followers.

But fear of me is not a motivation to produce holiness. You must learn to see me as I really am—a God of love who has provided eternal life and salvation by giving up my own life because of my love for you and my desire to see you saved! Only a focus upon my love and grace and provisions and protection can save you from self-destruction through fear and self-protection. Therefore, all anger must be cleansed from the root of self-protection and fear of harm, or danger, or loss of choices or individuality which you felt in childhood and now carry into adulthood and cause reactions that do not come from me and my attitudes toward life, and people and situations that produce fear, self-protection, and an angry spirit. No, this goes back to the temptations and suffering in childhood, and your reactions to it. But I can cleanse you of all of this. Just go back in your mind to the scene in the Garden of Eden. Picture what they should have done after realizing that they had sinned and disobeyed my command. Then come to me and talk to me without fear, for I love you more than you can comprehend, even throughout eternity.

Would I have sacrificed my life for you if I did not love you that much? It was out of love for you that I went to the cross. And I want to give you assurance and protection now every time the devil tempts you to turn from me and protect your own self. Fear and anger are never from me, and you play into the hands of the devil every time you use it. But I understand your background and your inheritance all the way back to Adam and Eve’s sin, and I have provided healing for you. Won’t you walk with me today and trust in my love and protection of you, no matter what the devil does to attack you? I will teach you my ways of handling stress and fear with love and not anger; with gentleness and not fighting back; with success and power and victory over the flesh and the devil through the power of my Spirit living in you. Walk with me today and every day until I come and I will see you through every challenge, every hardship, and every temptation. Then the devil cannot reach your spirit and bring you under his power. And then you will win where Adam and Eve failed. That is the privilege of the final generation who will be cleansed and restored to the first dominion that was lost by your first parents. And you will be my joy and rejoicing throughout eternity, for you will be the finished product of my grace.

Go now to your duties for the day, but remember to walk with me moment by moment, for you do not know at what moment the devil will try to attack you and separate you from me. Be vigilant, for your adversary the devil walks about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. But you do not need to be afraid, because if your eyes could be opened, you would see angels surrounding you and protecting you from harm. So you do not need to fear or try to protect yourself, for I am well able and prepared to do that for you. So trust me today and every day, and let your heart be at peace and rest in me, because my plans for you will be fulfilled every day as you walk with me and trust in my love and provisions for your every need and holy desires. And never forget to call upon me and talk with me throughout your day, for I am, and always will be, just a prayer away! Lovingly, Jesus.

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