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Dearest Ones,

As the time grows closer to the end of all things, it is imperative that you hold firmly to the faith and do not be swayed by the coldness or apathy of others, for doubt is like a small seed implanted in the heart, but if it is allowed to sprout and grow, it becomes a mighty Oak of unrighteousness. You know the faith chapter in Hebrews 11, with the long list of heroes of faith. They had just as many reasons to doubt as you do, and yet they put their hope in me and my promises to them, and so persevered unto the end of their lives, still looking forward to the blessed hope.

So it must be with you. Though difficulties, infirmities, opposition, weariness, or delay be your portion from time to time, yet you can be assured that I have not left you, nor will I ever leave you to struggle alone with the powers of darkness. There is an eternal purpose in whatever I allow to come to you, and a glory beyond that you cannot perceive now. So it is by faith, then, that you must persevere, and your faith will have its reward. It is by faith that you perceive light through darkness, healing through pain, and victory through apparent setbacks; for truth must, and will, conquer where error has become accepted and believed, and love will win the battle where argumentation will fail to win the heart.

So the topic for today is "love." First, the things that love is not: love is not sentimentalism and display, with overtures that are calculated to dazzle the senses. If this would win love, I would have used my glory instead of my humility when I came to earth as a man. But my life on earth modeled the power of unselfish love, which is so much needed to bring healing for the sin-sick soul of every person. Satan has found and practiced ways of damaging every person who is born into the world so that he can gain a foothold into their thoughts and feelings, and then use them to damage others. There is very little happiness to be found in human families except those who live by the Word of God and are controlled by the Holy Spirit. The deterioration of the human race morally and emotionally has been very rapid since the media has taken so much control. But all the inventions that I have allowed to take place are necessary to effectively and rapidly bring the last warning message to the world.

I love every person on earth, for they are all my children. But only those who love me and reject Satan's lies and claims upon them will be saved. Sin must not and will not rise again; therefore only those who love my law and reflect my character will be accepted into heaven. The earth is languishing under the weight of sin and the degradation that it causes, and I will do a quick work to finish the final events of history and bring about everlasting righteousness. Be encouraged, my faithful ones, for I will not delay my coming. The harvest is ripe, and all that is needed now are the reapers who will bring in the golden grain. Go through every door that opens before you, and speak to every soul that I send across your pathway. Some will accept your message and some will not. But be assured that I will never leave you until the work is done and you are safe at home with me.

Go now to the labors of your day, but look for the evidences of my presence with you. Commune with me and I will commune with you in precious fellowship. You cannot worry me, and nothing is too small for me to notice. Angels from on high are assigned to you to guide your footsteps and protect you from the enemy. All of heaven is focused upon my remnant people who love and serve me with their whole heart. So take courage and trust me every moment of every day, and soon your mind will become trained to become sensitive to my slightest whisper. And let the Word of God dwell in you richly as you live altogether in the unity of the Spirit! [Col. 3:16; Ps.133:1.] Lovingly, Jesus.

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