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Dearest Ones,

I am with you today as each of you begins the day in your worship time with me. These morning hours are very precious to me because they give me a chance to speak to you and fellowship with you and share my heart with you.

Now, my topic for today is "love." This is a subject that has endless varieties and ways of understanding the character of God, for as you know, God is love, and you cannot love God unless you love each other the way I do. Anything less than love means that you will have less ability to love and fellowship with me, for I am thinking constantly of how to reach the heart of each person and penetrate the darkness of the soul that Satan brings about which makes it difficult or even impossible for me to reach them. My Spirit is gentle and not intrusive, and thus will not force an entryway into the heart of even one person. Instead, I bring about or allow circumstances to disturb the calm tenor of life so that the person must begin to think about his destiny, and hopefully his soul's salvation.

Sometimes my intervention seems extreme and even life - threatening, but many times little else can rouse the person to look to me for help. For the wicked, however, even this does not turn their hearts toward me. Thus they go on to perdition without one desire to reach out to me and accept my invitation of life eternal. But there are many whose hearts are already yearning for some relief from the enslavement of sin, and to have the opportunity to accept my love and grasp the salvation that I have procured for them. It is here that I need you the most to reach out to troubled, hungry souls who are in the valley of decision, but do not have the strength or understanding that is needed to make the steps which are necessary to reach out to me, and the devil surrounds them with darkness to cause them to lose all hope.

It is these that I especially sought out when I was upon earth. The Holy Spirit would impress and lead me to them every day, and I was blessed in my spirit as I was able to minister to them and bring life and healing to them. And now you can have the same experience every day. I was an example of what you can be. Minister first to those around you - your family, your friends and acquaintances, your loved ones - anyone that is within the circle of your influence. Let the Spirit of God breathe through you the very atmosphere of heaven, and you will reap rich rewards, both from them and from me.

Then there are others that I will send you to if you are listening to my still, small voice. I know where they are, and I hear their cries for help and I see their suffering. If I were there in person, I would go to them and bring comfort and healing of soul and body. But I now cannot go in person, but you can! You are my ambassadors in this dark world that is soon to go into perdition! You can go in my stead, not only in person, but through the media as I will provide for you to do. Already many have been blessed that you will not know until you get to the kingdom of heaven and sit down at my table as we rejoice together that the devil is no longer able to touch you or bring darkness and misery and death. Oh, that that day were already here! But there is yet a little space of time where I must battle with the enemy; and with you by my side we will conquer every foe, and I will bring my children home - my faithful ones who have fought valiantly together with me every step of the long journey from Eden to Eden.

Now go to the activities of this preparation day, but keep the sweet perfume of my love for you ever in your heart and mind, and share it with everyone around you and everyone to whom I will send you in my stead. Walk with me today and every day, and I will walk beside you, unseen, but ever present, to make your life a reflection of my love and a conduit of my grace to a dying world and a perishing society. You will be a savor of life unto life, and a stream of living water to those who are thirsty for something better than they now have. And in so doing, you will yourself be blessed with the dew of heaven, and the privilege of working together with me and receiving the sweet fellowship of our being together, which is actually the beginning of eternity. Lovingly, Jesus.

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