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Dearest Ones,

As the Sabbath hours are approaching, I want to talk to you about "rest." This is a much broader topic than many suppose it to be. First is physical rest, and restoration of body, mind and spirit. Taxing your physical, mental, and emotional powers deplete the life forces, just as it does to anything in nature that is overused beyond the purpose for which it was created. I have put natural cycles in everything that lives by which the energy put forth can be restored. Even in a perfect world, cycles of restoration are part of my plan. Life-giving food and water is necessary, even in heaven. There is giving out and taking in, just as happens in the act of breathing.

So rest is an important part of restoration. But it need not be just physical rest, although that is, of course, important. Rest from labor is necessary for optimum health and happiness, even though one may enjoy and get satisfaction from their work. The organs of the body all need release from activity to allow for restoration. Have you ever noticed what happens when you get a cut and the blood flows for a few minutes and then stops? That recovery took much mobilization of the body cells, and activity that you cannot see from the outside of the body. All of that took energy. Just think what happens in your body every day as you use your muscles, your eyes, and all your body functions to dispose of the toxins that are produced, and keep you energized and efficient all day! Even eating, although it is necessary to replace the body's energy, also takes energy in the digestive process, especially if you consume too much at one meal, or too much variety, which burdens the digestive system.

So do you see why I want you to listen to my still, small, voice guiding you in your daily activities [Isa. 30:21] as to how you should use your time and energy, what, when and how much you eat, and the amount and timing of your exercise, work, and bedtime hours? It is not because I want to be controlling or arbitrary, but I know what is going on inside your body at any given time, and how to best manage your daily activities for intake and output in all areas of your life for optimum health, happiness, and productivity.

Now I want to discuss the Seventh-day Sabbath, not only because it is a part of my eternal, unchanging law, but also because I have set the 7-day weekly cycle in the DNA of mankind at creation, just as all the details of your body were created to begin functioning correctly at the moment I breathed into the lifeless forms of Adam and Eve and they became living beings. I deliberately created them a short time before sunset on Friday evening so that the beginning of their lives would be in worshipping their Creator and rejoicing in their relationship with me. Thus, praise and worship on the Sabbath was at the beginning of human life on Earth! And just as the gates of my Sanctuary are called Praise [Isa. 60:18], so this is the way to begin your connection with me the first thing every day. I created Adam and Eve to recognize their Creator and connect with me at the beginning of their lives, and thus this need is in the DNA of every son and daughter of Adam. So you see, Sabbath worship is a vital part of mental, emotional, and spiritual health and happiness as you connect with me, the eternal source of your life. To choose any other way is to choose death.

Now that you are pondering these things, consider the impossibility of changing the Sabbath, for it was written on your DNA at creation, just as all your bodily functions are a part of your creation and are essential for your life and health in every area of your being. That is why the Sabbath is the sealing and sign of the perfecting of my people at the end of time, because they have reached the point of being willing to give up their lives rather than give up the Sabbath, the crowning work of creation and the sign of their connection with me as their Creator.

So now you can see that the Sabbath issue is more than a day. It is the sign of whom you will worship, and who has authority in your life. If you want to have both worlds, Sunday, or any other day of the week would suffice, for Satan doesn't care which day you worship, or whether you worship at all, as long as it is not my Sabbath, which is the sign of allegiance to, and connection with, your Creator. Thus, Sunday-keeping will become the sign that Satan chooses to rally the whole world against me and my people. This is why I am allowing calamities to come upon the world to show that Satan, the usurper, cannot keep anything together when I allow his dynasty and his kingdom to fall apart. So the question that must be answered by the people of this world today is: Whom will you worship? The Creator? Or the deceiver of the nations as he goes forth to prepare the whole world for the last battle against my kingdom, my people, and my sovereignty.

Take heart, my beloved ones, for the war against evil is almost over. Do not be disheartened or discouraged, for with my faithful people by my side I will win the battle once and for all, and peace will once again reign in the universe. In the meantime, take heart and be encouraged, for the time of your redemption draweth nigh! Lovingly, Jesus.

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