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Dearest Ones,

Today is a day of serious contemplation about the days ahead. There is no time to waste, since the climate of the world is open for the last battle between good and evil. I am still holding the winds of strife until the work is done, but it will take full concentration on the work at hand and the focus upon getting out the message of my soon coming. I am not asking you to accomplish more than is possible, but just to keep your eye single to the spreading of the last warning message to earth's inhabitants.

Now for the topic of today I want to talk to you about charity. That is an old-fashioned word for love, but it is not exactly the same in its meaning. Love encompasses all of your feelings toward God and others in the greatest degree possible and should be the spring of all your emotions and motivations, and be the bedrock of your character, for that is what comprises all my motivations and all my joy in creating beings in my image, as well as the lesser creatures. But charity carries with it the concept of caring for the creatures that I have made with loving kindness and attentiveness to their every need, both emotionally and physically. In other words, you don't just have a baby, but you also care for it and nurture it and provide for it throughout life. A new mother is sensitive to the slightest whisper of her little one, and is willing to spend herself for the needs of her child. So I am with you. Not a sigh is breathed or a tear falls that I am unaware of, or that I do not put in motion ways and means to bring relief. Of course, if people do not know me or look to me for help, I am seriously curtailed in my ability to reach them. But I still look for ways to bring them to a knowledge of me so that they can enjoy my favors.

And that is where you come into the picture. You are my ambassadors to bring help and healing to the people around you who are seeking for answers to their pain and confusion and suffering. There is not much time left to do this work of benevolence, but I will guide and help you to do what I'm expecting of you. Start with your own family members, and then go outward to whomever I bring into your path way. Remember, love includes charity, which means that love expresses itself in good deeds and reaching out to meet the felt needs of others. That is how people feel loved, not just in words, but in acts of service with a heart full of love for them. Watch for my providences by which I bring people into your life that need my love through you. And do not allow any of their idiosyncrasies to cause you to withhold your love and charity for them, for everyone needs the transforming grace that I have to offer them through you. You do not know which will prosper, this or that, or what will touch their hearts in a special way. And as you give, you will receive, pressed down and running over as a reward for your efforts and your obedience.

Now go to the activities of your day. But keep your heart open for my love and charity to you and through you to others. And you will grow into the full stature of my character and being able to communicate with me on the highest levels of service. Lovingly, Jesus.

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