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Dearest Ones,

You are the apple of my eye as you cooperate daily with the leading of my Spirit in your devotions and send up your prayers to my throne. It is my joy to see how you are growing in your strength to resist the advances and temptations of the evil one - not in your own strength, but in the strength of the Holy Spirit and the power of the Word.

Now for the topic of today. It is "cleanliness." I am not referring to physical cleanliness, although that is important also. But I am referring to the necessity of mental, emotional, and spiritual cleanliness if you are to battle successfully against the devil and his wiles. The world with its lures and siren sounds is all around you, and it takes determination to be able to walk in the midst of evil and not be contaminated by it. But if you look to me for help, I will put a hedge about your mind and protect you from the sights and sounds that bombard you from every side, so that nothing will enter your mind to contaminate your feelings and thoughts when you have to be in worldly environments in order to carry on your daily affairs. But be careful not to deliberately invite the thoughts and ideas of the evil one into your mind through the avenues of the five senses, for remember that I give everyone the power of choice, and I do not restrain you from making poor choices which will war against your Christian growth. I try to warn you by my still, small voice, but I will never force you to do that which is right.

It would be well if you would learn to always pray to me when you are tempted to do wrong or make wrong choices. Send up a prayer as soon as you see the temptation coming. I will send help to you immediately. But if you linger longingly, the power of your will is weakened, and you will succumb to the temptation if you do not call upon me for help. Do not become discouraged by what I am saying and allow yourself to imagine that when you sin I become angry and turn away my face from you. That is what the devil wants you to think so he can fasten you in his grip through discouragement. When I say I will never leave you nor forsake you, I mean just that. When you sin, I am there to pick you up and help you to be forgiven and cleansed and strengthened for the next battle with temptation.

The problem is that so many people love their pet sins and don't even desire to be victorious over them, and thus don't look to me for help. They are satisfied in their lukewarm condition and don't consider the changes they must make to be saved alive when I come. They are counting on my mercy and feel that my righteousness is an automatic covering which will protect them from being among the lost when probation closes and when I come in the clouds of glory. Theirs is a vain hope, for I will save only those who have made the effort to know me and love me and come into perfect and complete agreement with me and my righteous requirements. Love and respect and agreement must be the condition of every heart that wants to walk with me in white and receive the crown of eternal life. There will be no sinners taken to heaven, for an eternity in heaven would never change the hearts of those who refuse to be cleansed while living upon earth. Love has to be the motivation, for if you love me you will love to keep my commandments.

What is the color of the robe that I place upon my chosen ones? Yes, it is pearly white, for it represents the characters of those who receive it. What is the color of the twelve gates of the New Jerusalem? They are also pearly white, representing the cleansed and perfected characters of those who will enter through the gates into the city. Nothing sinful or uncleansed will go through those gates, for all the tribes and nations of earth who come up to every point and pass every test will represent my character and have a perfect hatred against sin in every form. This is the victory that overcomes the world - even faith in me and love for my righteous requirements, which are simply the laws of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and wholeness. These will eat of the fruit of the tree of life and live forever in holiness and agreement with me before my throne and the throne of my Father.

Does this sound like the experience you want to have with me now as your eyes are opened to understand the deeper levels of the principles which are the foundation of my government? Everything is built upon love! My love for you and your response of love back to me. I love the sinner, but I do not love the sin, for it is a product of the mind of the enemy of your souls and leads to eternal death. My heart is yearning for my people everywhere to come into the ark of safety while there is yet time. The hour is fast approaching when the door will be shut. But not while there is one person who truly and sincerely wants with all their heart to leave off sinning and be perfected by knowing me and having a personal relationship with me.

However, the days will not prolong, for I nearly have my number made up at this time. I know where they are all over the world, and I am calling them now by my Spirit and the angels who attend them. All that is waiting now is that my Bride will second witness my call to them, for both the Spirit and the Bride say come! [Rev. 22:17.] And those who respond will say come to others until the good news of my final call will be spread around the world in the loud cry of the fourth angel. [Rev. 18:4.] Do you see the progression that will finish the work? I give the first call, then my Bride joins me, and then those who hear swell the message until every soul on earth is warned. This will not take long in this day and age when the media is utilized. So go to your day with rejoicing, for the journey is almost over, and eternal day is about to begin! Lovingly, Jesus.

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