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Divine Love

Dearest ones, today I am wanting to share with you my plans for the near future that will give your witness for me more coverage. The opportunity to be on the radio that Denetra has been offered is from me, and is one of the doors that I promised that I would open for you. Step through those doors, and you will soon see other doors open as well. You have a message of hope that no one else has, as I have mentioned before, and that is being recognized by those who are hearing these truths.

Now for the topic of today. I have on my heart to expand the meaning of divine love and how I want you not only to receive it but spread it to others. For far too long the conception of me has been that I am capricious in my feelings toward mankind, depending on the behavior of the person. From this point of view, if people are good and love and follow me, I am loving and kind to them. But if they make mistakes or forsake me and rebel against me, I am angry, wrathful, vindictive, and punitive in my response to their behavior toward me. If this were to be an accurate picture of my character, I would be at the mercy of my created beings, and reactive according to their behavior. In other words, I would always be in a reactive state according to the changeableness of my created beings. As you can see, this is totally untrue, and is exactly what the devil wants people to think. It is, in fact, a picture of himself and all who follow him. On the other hand, as the scriptures say, I am love not just part of the time, or under certain circumstances when my will is met, but all the time in all places and all circumstances. Therefore in order to really get to know me, you must learn to know what true love is, for otherwise you will not be able to have my character implanted into you. I will not in this message try to describe the height and breadth and depth of this subject, for it is eternal truth that goes beyond human understanding. But what I want to focus on is that Divine love is constant, consistent, and never failing. It is not reactive against another's behavior. It seeks the good of the other person, even if that means letting them go if they are choosing to do so. That is the difficult part because true love always wants to save the other person. But that cannot always be because true love also allows choice and accepts the consequences that this causes without anger and retribution. I have to endure this process all the time, because many more people reject me then accept me. But my joy is in my beloved chosen ones, in whom is all my delight! They continue to love and serve me no matter what their trials and hardships may be. These will walk with me in white and have a place on my throne throughout endless ages.

But back to the subject of love. I want you to look to me in all your relationships and I will give you the constant gift of my enduring love for the people around you. Any impatience, self-pity, agitation, retaliation, and criticism, are not the fruit of love. Look to me and I will give you my Divine love. But that includes letting people choose to reject you, leave you, and do all manner of evil against you because you are following me. In that case I will rescue you and set you free to serve me without that hindrance of the devil who wants to keep you bound up in reacting to persecution. So look to me everyday and drink at the fountain of my love and protection for you and when you have been tried and passed the test of love under rejection and abuse, you will come forth an even more effective servant for me through whom I can display my character of love.

Go now to your day's activities but keep your face turned upward toward the sunshine of my constant never failing love for you, and you will be rewarded both now and in eternity. Look to me and I will give you strength, energy, and wisdom for each day. And may our walk together today be sweet with the perfume of our love for each other. Lovingly, Jesus.

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