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Good morning, Dear Ones!

The subject for today is holiness. Without holiness no one can stand in my presence, for holiness means that you have been cleansed to the place where you hear my voice continually at all times, and have come into agreement with me on every point. That's why the cleansing takes so long, because I never force you to do this, and everything in your life must be in total agreement with me in order for my Spirit to flow without obstruction. In ages past my holy ones were in agreement with me on every point that I had revealed to them, and no steps were taken that were in conscious disagreement with me on any known point of character. But because I had not opened up to them all the areas of the mind, my blood covered for unknown sins which were only to be known and revealed in the last generation. That is why the great multitude which no man can number is accounted as righteous along with the 144,000, who are the representatives of all the righteous of all the ages. In every case, the saved have lived up to the light of what was revealed to them and required of them by faith in me. The difference in the 144,000 is not that they are more dedicated to me than any other generation or people that have gone before them, because all the saved will be fully dedicated to me in soul, mind, and spirit, with the body held in submission to the principles which are revealed in my word. The difference in the level of the holiness of the 144,000 will be that the light of all the ages past will be shining upon them, and they will receive it with joy and submission and come into perfect agreement with me on every matter, plus the additional light which I am now revealing about the necessity of the cleansing of the subconscious mind, which was not revealed in past generations. Because of the frailty of human flesh, I could not reveal everything to just one generation, because each generation had to be tried on what they were capable of understanding and pass the tests that were revealed to them as light from me. But the sin problem is so deep, so persuasive and compelling, because Satan and sin appeal to the fleshly feelings and emotional needs, and promises to fulfill human desires in some other way but through connection with me and obedience to my laws, which are the laws upon which I created mankind. Thus, every generation has had to learn that obedience to my laws brings the greatest happiness, joy, peace, love, safety, and fulfillment of every holy desire.

Adam and Eve had this gift of holiness and agreement with me at their creation. But after listening to the evil one's temptations, their minds were scarred and bent toward evil and self-protection, and they passed this on to every generation. Without direct connection with me, you cannot withstand in your own strength the bent and desires and thoughts and feelings of the fallen nature. In addition, you are the natural prey of the evil one from birth, because you have not yet had the opportunity to know me and choose my ways. That is why it has taken 6000 years to reclaim the human race from the clutches of the evil one, because each generation must learn for themselves that the wages of sin is eternal death. Happy and blessed is the child that is born to godly parents who pass on to them the principles of my government so that they can choose from birth to know my voice and obey my laws of life. To these I bequeath a double portion of my Spirit and a place in the leadership of my people, for their character has been formed upon the foundation of my truth.

And that brings us back to the subject of the 144,000. These are those who stand on the shoulders of all my righteous chosen ones throughout the long ages of history. You have learned from them the culture and laws of my kingdom. You have seen the success and failures of the men and women of the past. You have known what sin costs by observing their examples. And you have chosen to represent both them and me in the final generation where now all the light of truth that exposes the lies of the enemy are displayed, with the results of sin and the rewards of righteousness. Now I can close the great controversy, for there is no more light to be shed, no more of the results of sin upon the human race to be revealed. In fact, if I should allow time to go on another generation, all would be lost, because this generation is like Sodom and Gomorrah and the people before the flood came and took them all away. Their sins have reached up to heaven and the iniquity of this generation is a stench in my nostrils. Therefore I have decided to let them go to serve their idols until the fire comes down upon them from the brightness of my coming, for no amount of further light will win them to my side.

But my beloved precious ones are all my delight and the joy of my heart, for you represent the final product of all the ages of my faithful ones, and you are the ultimate reward of my sacrifice for the whole human race. Rejoice and be glad, my beloved chosen ones, because the experiment in sin is over and the display of what I can do to save fallen mankind is complete with you. But as you know, there will be a time of testing just ahead of you. Satan must be allowed to test you to the uttermost to display the accuracy of my choice to allow you to represent the human race and to be alive to see me come in the clouds of my glory without seeing death. But always remember both now and in the days ahead, that I am always there beside you through my Spirit, and the angels who are assigned to you. And sometimes I myself will visit you to give you encouragement and lift up your countenances by the light of my presence.

Now continue your activities of the day, but never forget your calling to be the representatives of my truth and my love to the final generation, and to keep your eye single to the display of my righteousness in your lives before others which I will give to you as a gift for your complete dedication and devotion to me. Now rest in the assurance of my love and righteous purposes for you, and never forget that I am just a prayer away! Lovingly, Jesus.

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