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Dearest Ones,

My heart and mind are with you this morning because you are participating with me in overcoming the evil one who has had access to your lives because of the past sins in your life, or from your association and connection with others whose influence in your lives has permitted demonic activity from them to you. This is especially true in families, and the highest is between husbands and wives because of the close association and covenant connection which is formed in marriage. This is why it is so important to have a spouse who is in harmony with me and dedicated to me so that I can protect you and your entire family from the influence of the evil one through each other. Marriage compounds the access of the evil one through each other's root sins, and also the ancestral sins on both sides of the family. But I am bigger than all of this, and as the judgment time progresses, I will free you from all susceptibility to the sins and demons from others, as well as your own.

Now for the topic of the day. I want to discuss with you the subject of individuality. This word describes the concept of blueprint, which I have given to every person. No two are alike, and each person has a blueprint that is individual and different from any other. As Paul says, some are made for noble purposes and some for ignoble [Rom. 9:21], but all are a part of the warp and woof of humanity. But as Paul also mentions, anyone can move to a higher level of service for me if he so chooses [2 Tim. 2:20, 21]. There is nothing or no one that is unimportant in the family of God. Even a child is capable of great things if they are filled by my Holy Spirit.

If anyone aspires to greatness in the family of God, let him humble himself and follow me day by day, doing the humble duties of life with love and sacredness of heart and spirit, and I will bless every deed done for others as though it were done for me. You cannot out-give me as a worker in my vineyard, for everything you do for others in my spirit is counted as done for me, and will certainly reap its reward, both now, and in the kingdom of heaven. Do you want to be great in the eyes of my Father and receive his smile of approbation and approval? Then walk with me today and every day in the common duties of life, being faithful to perform every task with joy and love for me and others, and you will be called a child of God and a co-worker with me, and receive the privilege of friendship with me and also the heavenly angels who joyfully attend all the children of my kingdom.

Do you know why the influence of my Spirit is described as being still and small? It is so that your individuality and power-of-choice will not be overridden so that you cannot choose to listen to the voice of your own conscience and the choices of your own spirit which is within you, and go another way if you decide to do so. How else can your power of choice be preserved? And how else can you learn to know the difference between your own voice and my guiding voice? Sometimes I allow you to make the mistakes you choose to do because it is the only way for you to learn to listen carefully to my instructions, even when your inclinations are leading you in another direction. That's why the cleansing of your mind and roots are so vital. You have made choices in childhood that were not my choices for you, and have suffered as a result of these wrong choices. But I never ceased to love you, but continued to protect your life and blueprint as much as possible while you were suffering the results of your own wrong choices.

But now we are coming up to the final finish line, both individually and corporately. Each person must now stand before me in this judgment time and learn the results of wrong choices and put these away and be healed and restored to the original plan, or "first dominion" [Mic. 4:8], as the Scripture says. How long will you wander O Daughter of Zion [Jer. 31:22]? Come back to me and be fully healed of your backsliding and testing out your own ways and choices, and walking after the sparks of your own kindling? Return fully to me and I will heal all your wounds that your wrong choices have made, and restore to you the years that the locust has eaten.

Bring to me your children that you have conceived during the years of your wandering and I will love them freely and restore them to you because you have chosen to be among the hundred forty-four thousand who stand with me on Mount Zion, together with your children as an unbroken family! That is one of the rewards of your choice to be among the cleansed Remnant, for I was there when your children were conceived, and I allowed only those to live who would be susceptible to my Spirit during the time of the latter rain, which is now. [See Isa. 59:21; 49:15- 25; Jer. 31:15-17.]

Some of you I did not allow to have children because their damage would have been too great for me to fulfill this promise to you. But you will be rewarded in heaven to take care of the little lambs that I have saved because of their sweet spirit of submission to me even as children, but whose parents turned away from me and were lost. Even children can make choices for me in their hearts. So you can see, this cleansing time is a time of reaping my wheat and bringing it into my barn. I am doing this now in hearts all around the world. And I am counting on you, my beloved ones, to choose to follow me to the end, and to prepare the hearts of those who have not had the privileges that you have had, but are choosing to respond to my Spirit's call to prepare for the things that are rapidly coming upon the world in the full sight of mankind. A dreadful fear upon many, but others are responding to my Spirit's call to come up to the mountain of the Lord and hear the words of truth that I will speak through you.

Now go to the duties of the day, but never forget that I am right beside you to guide and protect you and keep you safe in my arms of love and deliver you from all darkness and danger, and the temptation of the evil one to take your eyes off of me. Listen to my still, small voice of love and guidance, and you have nothing to fear, for I will never leave you nor forsake you, and, as always, I am just a prayer away! Lovingly, Jesus.

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