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Light for the final Generation

Dearest Ones,

You are being tempted by the evil one to become negatively affected in your spirit by the rejection of your messages from me and the light that I am giving you on the trumpets. But I want to encourage you today not to look down at these things and allow the devil to discourage or hurt you in any way. Remember that this has always been the experience of those who bring new light to a people or generation, for Satan wants to hold people to a certain acceptable way of thinking and believing, and not allow for the light to shine from heaven for each generation, as I have promised to do.

Light and knowledge from me is always progressive [Prov. 4:18]; therefore Satan sets himself to oppose it and keep people in darkness and error in order to control their minds. He is well aware that if people cling to their traditions, the light of the truth will be extinguished by the development of traditions. Therefore, he holds people to whatever they already have in order to oppose advancing truth. God is not stagnant, and light is always advancing, even in heaven. This does not mean that truth will change, for truth is dynamic, and new light has always be based upon the solid foundation of the truth that has already been given. So new light is never in opposition to what God has already established.

For example, the current study of the trumpets. The foundation for the study has been laid down in Numbers 10:1-10. Then throughout the rest of Scripture you can search and understand what the expanding truth about the use and meaning of trumpets has been for every generation, including your own until I come. There is an application for your time as you know, and I want you to search diligently for the gems of truth about the trumpets that I have scattered throughout Scripture and history to find the hidden gems of light for the final generation. Those who refuse to do this, or oppose your work on this subject, will be left in darkness about the final events of earth's history. I never have given something in Scripture that is not vital, and especially for the last generation. Therefore, I am making the whole Bible come alive for you to seek and find the gems of truth scattered through it and find the continuity of all Scripture, and I will guide you by my Spirit to find just what you need to be able to preach the last warning message with power and grace.

Now go to the activities of your day, but keep your mind open to the impulses of the Holy Spirit guiding and directing you and leading you into all the truth that is necessary to finish the work. Lovingly, Jesus.

For further study on advancing light: COL 78; 127; EV 198; 296, 7.

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