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Dearest Ones,

I have seen the diligence of your daily service for me and it pleases me greatly to have my servants totally dedicated to the work at hand so that we can go forward with great rapidity to finish the work of the gospel around the world. Now for the topic for today. It is "mesmerism."

Why would I introduce such a topic for your thoughts today? Because most of the people of the world have become so mesmerized by the media that their minds are so benumbed to original thinking and natural thought processes that rational reasoning from cause to effect is greatly compromised. Unfortunately, the effect this has upon the mind opens the channel of communication which makes it easy for Satan to gain entrance. The modern music is especially dangerous, because it goes directly to the emotional non-rational parts of the brain and numbs the capacities of the mind to discern between good and evil. Many are the souls of men, women and children that will be lost because they are impervious to the movings of my Spirit.

So you see, the evangelizing of the whole world, although the chance for salvation must be given to everyone, will bypass the consciousness of the majority because their minds have already become seared by the media in all its various forms. But there are also many who have preserved their integrity and have not shut the door of their hearts to me and are looking wistfully to heaven for light, and these you must reach with your messages of love and truth from me. You do not know where to find these honest persons, but I know them all by name and how to bring you in contact with them and your message. Many you will never see until you get to heaven. But whether by personal contact with you or through the media, or by word-of-mouth, I assure you that every honest, seeking soul will be reached.

So, sow your seed beside all waters, and let the miracle of my grace wash around the world to touch every soul who has a true heart and an open spirit to hear the words of truth and respond with joy to the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit to bring light out of darkness, truth out of error, and salvation out of the chaos of worldly opinions and ideas. Go now to the activities of your day, but keep open to the slightest whisper of my Spirit guiding and directing you through the day, and also helping you to find the truth seekers whom I send to you for enlightenment and salvation. Lovingly, Jesus.

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