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Dearest Ones,

Today I want to talk to you about regeneration. From the time that Adam and Eve sinned, there has been a need for the regeneration of the human family back into the original purpose for its creation. Generative or generate means to produce something that is capable of reproducing after its own kind. If Adam and Eve had been true to me, they would have produced holy children who would grow up knowing and loving me, with the ability to produce children after their own kind as well. The earth would have been filled with godliness, and when, after a period of test and trial, everyone was fully prepared and perfected in wisdom and holiness, they would have taken the place of the angels who fell.

You see, when I created the angels, sin and disagreement with my character and my law did not exist. Such thoughts as Lucifer began to feel and meditate upon had never come into the mind of anyone. So because of his defection, the angels and the whole existing universe were tested. But because I do not create anything randomly, the specific and unique blueprints of the angels who fell must be replaced in order for my kingdom to be complete.* [See Addendum.] Every flower that grows, every blade of grass, every tiny insect that floats in a sunbeam has a specific purpose in my creation. Nothing is random or expendable. All are a part of the wisdom of God. So when Lucifer defected and took a third of the angels with him, there was suffering and sorrow among the remaining angels that you cannot comprehend. Tasks and responsibilities had to be redistributed. There was a time of grieving when tears flowed freely. All of heaven suffered from the gaping wound that was left behind by the defectors.

But after a period of time, the Father and I explained to the loyal angels our plan of redemption. We told them of the beautiful new world that we would create, and the human race which, after a period of test and trial, would replace the angels who fell. Tears turned to joy and anticipation that they would be able to participate in this recovery plan, and that someday the universe would be clean again from the blight of sin.

It has been a long, arduous journey for all of heaven, because in order for perfect agreement and perfect holiness to be restored once more, the plan of salvation had to include my life as a human being on earth, my sacrificial death on Calvary, my resurrection, and then the mediatorial work which I am now doing in the heavenly Sanctuary. Now the long journey is almost over! Can you imagine the excitement and joy of the angels as they see you striving with all your heart to learn and grow in holiness as you respond to their efforts to point your eyes upward to the straight and narrow way that Ellen White saw in vision, high above the earth, and the little band of my chosen ones who are traveling to the holy city? [EW 14.]You have not let the bright light of truth that was given to the pioneers in 1844 go out, but have kept it burning brightly to cheer you on in the rugged pathway upward. You are the reward of my sacrifice and the centuries of service that has been tirelessly given by the loyal angels.

If your eyes could be opened, you would see angels ascending and descending constantly to give encouragement, light, and hope to each of you. They see your tears and your devotion and your determination to succeed in reaching the goal of finishing the work in the last generation, both in your hearts and in the earth. They are your helpers and protectors, and they love you more than you can know. They are looking forward to bearing you upward to meet me at my coming. They are looking forward to the wedding supper of the Lamb where they will serve you and honor you for your participation in the great plan of salvation. And I will also gird myself and serve you [Lu. 12:37], for you are my beloved Bride who has made yourself ready and is clothed with the white robe of my righteousness. [Rev. 19:6-9.]

Now I want to come back to the subject of regeneration. The beautiful scene that I just pictured for you is made possible by the regeneration of my people on earth who have chosen to love and serve me. Sin and sinning is your natural inheritance at conception, and unless you accept me and learn to love me and let me change your heart in the new birth experience, you cannot be a part of my kingdom of love and light; for by nature you belong to the kingdom of darkness, and your inheritance from the fall of Adam makes you a servant of the evil one who won the victory over Adam and Eve in the garden. Therefore all of their progeny has come under the curse of sin and the power of the devil, as has been shown throughout the 6000 years allotted for the display of the results of sin, and heaven's plan for the recovery from sin.

Nevertheless, I have always provided a way out for those who choose to accept me as the Lamb slain in their behalf, and live a life of recovery through the regeneration of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Can you now see where I am going with this topic? All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Therefore all have become fatally infected with the roots of sin, both inherited and cultivated. But the moment you accept me as your Savior and the Lord of your life, you have the regenerative power of my life lived out in you, and you are no longer a child of the devil, possessing his characteristics and thought patterns, but you are a child of the King of Kings and the blood flowing from Calvary is flowing in your veins as your inheritance.

Then why does the Christian life sometimes seem so hard? It is because many Christians try to straddle the fence and have some of both the flesh and the Spirit. If you continue to yield to the lusts of the flesh and feed the carnal nature by partaking of the sights and sounds and tastes of the world around you, and tolerating in your daily life the temptations of your original father, the devil and all of the wares he puts before you, your relationship with me will be compromised. But if, when you are under temptation, you turn to me immediately for my help, I will connect you with me and your new life of regeneration in holiness and agreement with me, your new Father.

You see, I will never force you to stop sinning. My kingdom is based solely on love and free choice, for love and obedience cannot be forced, or it ceases to be love. You cannot force yourself to do right, for force is not a part of my kingdom, but is of the kingdom of the devil. If you are a child of mine, you must voluntarily connect with me and my love for you and allow the power of my love and my perfect life to flow from me into your heart, and then my victory becomes your victory. This is the regeneration that I offer you - my genes, my life, my perfect obedience is my continuing gift to you every moment of every day if you will choose to connect with me instead of connecting with the thoughts and feelings of your old life, whatever it may contain.

You can never overcome by focusing upon the thoughts and feelings you inherited and cultivated from your earthly parents. When you are born again, it means that you have accepted me as your heavenly parent, and my perfect life is now your new inheritance. It may take time for you to know how to partake of this new life all the time, but the privilege of doing so is what I constantly hold out to you. Won't you accept being my child now and leave off the lure and appeal and habits of your old life? I can change you in a moment, but you cannot change yourself in a lifetime of effort without a constant relationship with me. This is what regenerative means - it is a restoration back to the original purpose for the creation of this earth before the fall of Adam and Eve. After they sinned they could only produce children after their own kind with the seeds of sin in their natures. But I not only took their place and died for them to restore their salvation, but also to take their responsibility of producing a godly, perfect race through the regenerative power of my perfect life which is free to all who accept salvation through my sacrifice. Then the purpose for the creation of this world will be accomplished through the second Adam [1 Cor. 15:45-49.] - the head of a race of people who will take the place of the angels who fell, and serve around my throne and help me to protect the universe from sin ever rising again, for all the questions about my character and my law of love will have been answered.

Now go to the activities of your day, but let the sunshine of my love for you eclipse anything that the devil might throw in your pathway to dishearten or discourage you. He doesn't want anyone to take his place and prove his accusations against me to be wrong. But look to me and I will sustain and protect you from every dart of the enemy. Just keep remembering that you are a child of the King and a member of the royal family of heaven, and nothing that the devil does can change that as long as you keep your connection with me, for my spiritual inheritance is now yours throughout eternity, for you have been regenerated by the blood of the Lamb! Lovingly, Jesus.


“God created man for his glory. It was his purpose to repopulate heaven with the human race, when after a period of test and trial, they had proved to be loyal to Him. Adam was to be tested to see whether he would be obedient. Had he stood the test, his thoughts would have been as the thoughts of God, his character would have been molded after the similitude of the Divine character." ST 5-29-01.

"The vacancies made in heaven by the fall of Satan and his angels will be filled by the redeemed of the Lord." 7 BC 949.

"Jesus came to our world to dispute the authority of Satan. He came to restore in man the defaced image of God, to raise him, to elevate him, fit him for companionship with the angels of heaven, to take the position in the courts of God which Satan forfeited through rebellion." R&H 5-08-1894.

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