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Dearest Ones,

My heart of love and concern is with you today to watch over you and guide you safely through the day and every day until I come. As I withdraw my Spirit from the earth because of the wickedness of mankind, the devil takes advantage of the opportunity to be more involved in the affairs of men, and works to bring about his desire to rid the earth of anyone who does not agree with him and his purposes. That is why my angel guard around my people has doubled, for Satan would destroy my people if he could, because he wants to set up a dynasty of his own apart from mine, as he always has wanted to do. But he and his purposes will come to naught, for my kingdom is comprised of my beloved ones who love and serve me and understand my ways and love my law, and they shall prevail against all the plans of the evil one.

Now for the topic of today. It is "shamelessness." This may sound like a strange topic to you, but it is what I have offered to my people who are completely cleansed from the effects that sin has caused in their lives. You may not realize what a huge part shame has to do with the thoughts and feelings that are produced by sin. Breaking my law has an automatic reaction in the human heart, because I created mankind to be sinless and in perfect harmony with my law, which contains the principles of life and happiness. When the law is broken, shame is the automatic response, coupled with guilt and fear.

Do you remember what Adam and Eve did when they ate the fruit of the forbidden tree, and their robes of light disappeared, and they came to the sudden realization that they had sinned? They immediately began to cover themselves with fig-leaf garments of their own making. So it is with all sin; people try to cover themselves with whatever eases the pain of the shame and guilt that sin produces. I want you to consider a text in Malachi 2:16: (NIV, 1987 ver.)

"I hate divorce, says the Lord God of Israel, and I hate a man's covering himself with violence as well as with his garment, says the Lord Almighty. So guard yourself in your spirit, and do not break faith."

As I look down upon the world, I see so much anger and violence in homes and all of society. Anger and violence are self-protective reactions resulting from feelings of shame, guilt and fear turned into violence against another person, or even toward animals or inanimate objects. When one is at peace with God, anger does not have a place in the heart. Do you see anywhere in the Bible that the fruit of the Spirit is anger? Anger is a carnal reaction whose root is fear and self-rejection. If a man [person] does not get his way or reach his goal, he first blames himself, and then strikes out against others or anything which stands in the way of accomplishing his goal. Do you see why "covering himself with violence" is an accurate description of what happens in the unregenerate heart when guilt and shame produce fear, and fear strikes out in anger and violence at others who are perceived to be standing in the way of getting rid of the shame and guilt caused by sin? No one wants to feel the agony of shame and the fear of divine retribution that sin causes.

It is impossible to stop this from happening, because I created mankind to be in harmony with my law, and sin brings you under the law of sin and death. Therefore the only solution to the problem caused by sin was to take the shame and guilt of my broken law upon myself and pay the price by my own of death [Isa. 63:1-6]. Then anyone who looks to me as their substitute and the complete payment for their sins can be free to accept my sacrifice in their behalf and thus be freed from the penalty of death. However, that freedom does not mean that they are free to go on sinning, as so many seem to believe. The promise is freedom from sin and sinning by faith in the power of my righteous life indwelling the forgiven person through the Holy Spirit. It is a progressive walk of faith, growing throughout life, and the end product is peace and holiness and agreement with all my principles, and the reward is life eternal.

Satan has produced a counterfeit for those who wish to have the reward but not the process of moment-by-moment surrender to me and walking with me in loving companionship. For these the cost of discipleship is too high, for they want the world and the pleasures of the world, but also want to be saved when I come. These are Christians in name only and will be bitterly disappointed when my Spirit is completely withdrawn from them and they realize that their chance for salvation has passed and they are lost. Money, fame, and fortune will mean nothing to them then. Worldly entertainment will no longer absorb their attention. Nothing of this world can compare with salvation and a loving relationship with me. Too late they will realize that they have covered themselves with spider webs [Isa. 59:4-6] and daydreams until the time for salvation has passed.

But you, my beloved ones, are watching faithfully at my doors. [Prov. 8:34.] Every day you seek me and find me and desire my friendship above everything else. And you shall receive your reward both here and throughout eternity. When you are troubled I will give you peace. When the storms of life buffet you, I will be your anchor. When others hurt your feelings, I will be your solace. When you are perplexed, I will be your answer. When you have problems, I will solve them for you. If you have sickness, I will be your healer and raise you up to glorify my name. If you need funds, I will supply them for you. In this way, heaven begins here, for heaven is in your heart.

For those of you who are alive now in the final hours of earth's history, you can live to see me come in the clouds of glory if you learn to walk with me moment by moment with unwavering trust in my leading in your lives. And I will give you the white robe of my perfect righteous life, and you will be shameless before me -the perfected Bride that I promised to present before my Father as the completed work of my redemption. I offer that privilege and honor to each of you today. Be not afraid to trust in my love and finished work for you, and you will receive the reward of my chosen and faithful ones, both now and throughout eternity. Come my precious and beloved ones! Take my hand and we will go out into the fields of labor and service, for the harvest is ripe and we will reap it together! Lovingly, Jesus.

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