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Dearest Ones, I am happy to tell you this morning that I am now going to enable you to go forward to get everything that I give you for the world on utube. The light that I have given you is what the world, and especially my people, is dying for. I don’t want people to have to wait any longer for the light and peace and joy and understanding of what I am sharing with you. You are my team of workers who have the keys of the kingdom for the final hours of earth’s history.

Now for the subject of today. I am about to reveal to you something that is essential for the perfection of holiness. It is the subject of submission. I am not a God who requires obedience beyond the level of intimacy and understanding that we have with each other. I require love, not blind obedience. So when I say, “Come now, let us reason together, though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow. though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool [Isa. 1:18],” and “My thoughts are not your thoughts [Isa. 55:8],” for my thoughts are as high as the heavens above, I am not trying to set a standard for you that is higher than you can reach, for then I would be requiring the impossible from you. Since holiness is agreement with me, I will help you to reach that standard. But the secret of holiness is constant communication with me and coming into perfect agreement with me because you understand and agree with my principles through communication with me and understand how and why I see each matter the way I do. What good would it be to require something of my children that they must do regardless of their own feelings about the matter? That would only produce rebellion and hardness of heart, which comes from a lack of understanding and agreement.

There are, of course, different levels of understanding because of the lack of maturity of each person, and I must allow for these stages of understanding. But at each stage, the bottom line is communication with me. For example, the Pharisees made a huge show of their supposed righteousness which was based upon their own ideas of holiness. But did they know me or have a personal relationship with me? Not in the slightest degree. Their motive was to appease me with their own desires for my approval so that they could receive my blessings. But they did not know me at all. In fact, they were exactly like the heathen who appease their gods, which are really demons—to receive protection and blessings for selfish reasons. That is why I told them that they were a brood of vipers, and that they were children of the devil, and not Abraham, for Abraham knew me and loved me, even to the willingness to sacrifice his son for me.

So you see, I am not seeking works without relationship; I am seeking a love relationship that exceeds that of Abraham, though it is likened to it. The difference is that you have all the light and he didn’t. The sameness is that he lived up to all the light he had because he knew my character and my love for him, and he responded in perfect obedience on the level that he had.

Now I am requiring the same perfect love relationship with me, but with all the light you need for perfect obedience. Why would anyone not love me if they knew me? The problem is that so many want my salvation and my blessings without what it takes to receive it from me. They are satisfied with appeasing works that are like the heathen, which they feel will satisfy me and open the windows of heaven to receive my blessings, but all the while they are just as void of the dew of heaven as those who openly rebel against me.

So what am I meaning when I say that submission is the key to the blessings of heaven? It is not blind submission to a set of requirements. It is submission to the wooing of my Spirit to come and spend time with me, talking and sharing and reasoning with an intelligent mind, and opening up your heart to me to get acquainted with me and know my thoughts and my reasoning on everything at every level. Of course, there is a certain amount of blind submission in areas that you do not comprehend yet, but even that must be based on a relationship of trust with me that I will not require anything from you that is not ultimately for your best good and happiness. That was why Abraham could be willing to sacrifice his son at my request, even though he could not see the glory of the purpose of my request.

So all who follow me now to the end will follow me because they know my love and best and highest purposes for them and the glory which awaits them if they follow me all the way through the journey to the end. You must know me through a daily, moment by moment connection which you have had, and an intimate love relationship through which you have learned to trust me through the days that lie ahead. Then obedience will be a constant joy, and submission a delight, because you know me well enough to trust my love for you, and my highest purposes for your safety and happiness. Do you want to have this with me today and every day until I come? I know you do, because that is what you are already doing that has produced the exalted love/faith relationship that we now have. And this will continue to grow throughout eternity. Can you just imagine the idea that this love and intimacy of connection will never end? And yet, this is what I offer to you today and every day until I come and take you home to glory. Look not back at the past anymore than it takes to be cleansed of past sins. Keep your eyes focused upon me and my love and care and provisions for you spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally and socially, and worry not about these things in the future, for as you go forward, I will continue to meet your every need.

Now go to your day’s activities without fear or foreboding. Look to me and submit to me as I did to my Father, and your joy will be full! Lovingly, Jesus.

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