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The Message of Cleansing and the Sanctuary To go around the World

Dearest Ones,

I have a special message of love for you today because of your faithfulness for my cause in the earth. Because of you, I can now go forward to the end of all things without further delay. I am about to pour out my wrath upon the wicked in preparation for the day of God. By this I do not mean the seven last plagues, for there is much to happen before that time. What I am about to do will help you in your labors for me, because it will arrest the attention of the world and even my church that the end of all things is at hand. Your message of cleansing and the understanding of the sanctuary is vital, because it removes the misunderstanding that has been in the minds and hearts of my people that they can carry on life as usual until the Sunday law, and then prepare for my coming. This is not so. For most people, this would be too late to awaken from their slumbers and perfect the holiness of character that is necessary to be among the honest and true followers who are represented by the wise virgins. Sincerity of heart is absolutely imperative in order to prepare the heart for translation, or even salvation on any level. Only the honest in heart who love me and my principles will be in my kingdom. This is why your message of the true meaning of holiness through the sanctuary is so vital. There are many false professors of faith who are Christians in name only, but not of heart because they want what I have to offer as far as salvation and a good life, but they do not want holiness and purity, nor do they want to go through struggles and trials to obtain it. They are false believers and will fall away like dead leaves when the trials of the end hit the world.

But there are also people who yearn for a better life and freedom from the pitfalls produced by the carnal nature, who search in vain in the popular religions, or in the sleeping congregations in my church. Truly, whole churches will be lost in the end because they would not arouse from their carnal security and cloak of piety until it was too late. But in nearly every church there are those who are dissatisfied with what they have and want the true water of life. It is these that I seek with the message of hope that I have given to you. So this message must go to the ends of the earth by plane or train or oxcart or donkey until it has reached the farthest corners of the earth, and has been made available to every person, because I can then close probationary time. I am making this possible through the media, the study guides, and those of you who are using every opportunity to witness wherever you go. I will speed up its progress by every means available, and in order to do this I must provide funds for you to reach the masses. This I will do in a variety of ways, for I have people who will be willing to give when they see the necessity of the message and the enormity of the work. So the last warning message will speed on its way around the world and I will open doors for you that you do not see now, but you will see as you advance forward by faith. Now is the time, this is the message, and you are the people. So do not become weary and faint-hearted, little flock! You are few in number, but I am at the wheel, and I have always been able to accomplish my goals through the few faithful ones that I have who are willing to risk all for me.

Now go to the activities of your day, but do not become discouraged -- ever! Discouragement is sinful because it means that you are not looking up to me and what I can do, but looking down at yourself at what you can do. Look up! For your redemption draws nigh, and the work that must be done now has more than human instruments who are carrying the responsibility for its success. My angels are belting the world, holding back the powers of darkness until every last soul has had an opportunity to grasp hold of the truth that will bring them salvation. So go joyfully and triumphantly into the harvest field today, and see the success that I will give you as you labor together with me! Lovingly, Jesus.

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