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The Seven Trumpets of Revelation

Dearest Ones,

I have a special topic to discuss with you today. Many are wondering about the significance and meaning of the seven trumpets of Revelation 8, 9; 11:15. These deserve more study under the inspiration of the Spirit of God. The basic purpose of the trumpets is to alert the people of the world that the end of all things is approaching, and to announce the coming of the day of wrath and the close of probation. Each trumpet is another stage of the withdrawing of my Spirit, and the effect that this has upon society and the physical world itself.

Mankind was created to dress the earth and keep it in the same condition that I created it in the beginning, plus improve upon its beauty and functionality to give happiness and usefulness to the needs of all living things upon the earth. After the fall of man this responsibility became more difficult because of the curse caused by sin, but there was still an abundance for everyone, and every need of man and earth's creatures were supplied.

After the flood, the earth was greatly marred, but with additional effort and caretaking, life on earth could be maintained. There has always been a direct correlation between the abundance of sin in man, and the condition of the earth and its creatures. Without proper maintenance, anything will rot and decay and become useless. Sin has caused the undoing of my perfect creation that is described in Genesis when I first created the world in all is pristine beauty and gave it to Adam and Eve to dress and keep. But they failed in their calling, and you, their progeny, have not yet received the abundant inheritance that I had intended for you to have. There has been a breach for 6000 years because of sin, in which I have displayed before the universe the results which sin has caused to earth and its inhabitants.

But all things are about to be restored to the first dominion, and I will recreate the earth and give it to my beloved ones who have faithfully followed me and have obeyed my precepts through all the ages of the delay that sin has caused. Therefore, the recreated world with all its beauty will be a wedding gift to my Bride where we can dwell together forever in happiness, peace and joy. The New Jerusalem will descend and be the capital of the universe, and I will sit upon the throne of David beside my Father, and we will rejoice to see the fruits of our labors to bring an end to sin and fill the newly created earth with the redeemed who are perfectly in agreement with the principles by which we run the universe. They will have our covenant of love written upon the tablets of their hearts. [2 Corinthians 3:3.]

But what does this have to do with the seven trumpets of Revelation? First of all, trumpets in the Bible were made to announce something of vital importance to the hearers. Trumpets were blown to announce a change in the status of regular life. It could be imminent danger, a call to be alert for instructions, or to gather the people for a convocation before the Sanctuary, especially upon the Day of Atonement. In any case, they were sounded to alert the hearers that something of vital importance was about to take place. Remember the trumpets that were blown in the march around Jericho? Seven trumpets were blown for seven days, and on the seventh day they were blown seven times, and the walls of Jericho came down [Joshua 6:4, 5].

The correlation between that incident and the seven trumpets of Revelation is direct. Something of great importance is about to happen when seven trumpets are blown. This is indicated in Revelation 8:1-5. Study these verses, because they contain much meaning. They are announcing the events which God himself is revealing which will happen in the time of the opening of the seventh seal. God does nothing but that He reveals His secrets to his servants the prophets [Amos 3:7]. And can there be anything more important than the events that are to take place in the earth immediately preceding my coming in the clouds of heaven?

This is the meaning and purpose of the seven trumpets. They are announcement of things that I will allow to transpire to awaken every soul to hear the messages of truth that my people will bring in preparation for the end of time, and especially for the close of probation. No further preparation can then be made, for my number will have been made up and sealed, for every soul will have already made their final decision for or against my law and my truth. The seventh trumpet, of course, is blown by me at my coming. It is a shout of victory and triumph over the devil, the beast, and his image. It is also a shout of joy that my people can hear to let them know that I am approaching the earth, and that the glad reunion is imminent. And it is a shout of the power of my own victory over death and the grave as I call the sleeping saints from their dusty beds to meet me in the air.

Oh how I long for that day so soon to come! But first I must awaken the sleeping saints in the churches who are not listening to my trumpets which have been sounding since the fall of the New York towers in 2001. These trumpets are meant to be visible signs of the withdrawal of the Holy Spirit from the earth, and warnings of what will happen when the withdrawals are complete. I have permitted the historicist view to predominate until now because of the pattern it provides through the history of the fall of Rome, the rise of the papacy, and the Muslim domination of Europe during the Dark Ages. If these things had not been previously studied out and recognized, there would be no foundation of scholarship to support the present understanding of the trumpets now, for these follow the same pattern, with the exception of the sixth trumpet being the close of probation.

The understanding of the imminence of the close of probation wasn't present truth then as it is now for the final generation who are facing this important deadline in history, and the end of life as you know it now. That is why the only light that I gave to Ellen White on the trumpets of Revelation was their purpose in warning people to get into the hiding place to be safe when the plagues fall.

"The seven angels stood before God to receive their commission. To them was given seven trumpets. The Lord was going forth to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity and the earth was to disclose her blood and no more cover her slain." Maranatha, p. 284.

"Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut the doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast. For, behold, the Lord cometh out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity: the earth also shall disclose her blood and no more cover her slain." Isa. 26 20, 21.

"What are the chambers in which they are to hide? They are the protection of Christ and holy angels. 4 BC 1143.

The seven trumpets are a progressive countdown to the seventh trumpet when I come. Each one displays a portion of what will occur at my coming. The number "one third" is symbolic of the proportion that is given to Satan to display the results of his rulership. The last trumpet is at my coming when I bring to an end Satan's kingdom and the reign of sin, and the beginning of the 1,000 years of his captivity and his judgment. During this time all his sins will come back upon him and be brought up in his memory, just as I am doing now for my people in preparation for their sins to be blotted out, nevermore to be remembered or brought to mind.

But for Satan and his angels there will be no slain Lamb, and no scapegoat to take his sins and bear them away in the wilderness, because he is the scapegoat, and must bear the constant memory of all the sins he has committed and his crimes against the government of heaven. All the sins that he has caused the righteous to suffer will bring him exceeding suffering because he will know that in spite of his every attempt to destroy them, they will be in heaven out of his reach, enjoying the glories and pleasures of heaven that he once enjoyed, but forfeited through rebellion. His only relief will be his hope that when the New Jerusalem descends upon the Mount of Olives, which has become a great plain to receive it, he will have a chance to recover himself and march upon the city to take it. In anticipation of this event he will distract himself and his followers by planning the strategy they will use to take the city by force.

When the time fully comes for his final confrontation between good and evil, I will arraign before me the vast forces of the evil hosts and each one will see arrayed before them every sin they have ever committed [GC 666], as has been judged by my saints during the thousand years. Then all will bow before me and acknowledge that their punishment is just. [Rom. 14:10-12.] For a moment Satan will concede that he has lost the great controversy between good and evil. But then his rage and determination will return, and he will lead his army forward to take the city. Then fire will come down from the throne and devour sin and sinners and the earth that has been defiled by sin, and the battle between light and darkness will come to an end.

Perhaps you can now see that the seven trumpets are a vital part of my activities at the conclusion of the reign of sin. I must give every person on earth the light that is needed to make their final decision. Just as I have given the inhabitants of earth 6000 years to see the display of what Satan's kingdom and government does to bring eternal death and destruction, so now I am giving the final generation 6 trumpets to bring warnings of the close of probationary time. Each trumpet announces a portion of my judgments. Just as the historical trumpets brought about the fall of pagan Rome and the rise of the papacy, so the current trumpets are announcing the downfall of America, the lamb-like beast of Revelation 13 [vs.11, 12], who is now supporting the healing of the deadly wound [v.3] between Protestantism and Catholicism.

All this is contained within the messages of the seven trumpets. But although these events are in full view of the whole world, my people are not seeing the implications for the awakening that the trumpets are supposed to bring. Trumpets of themselves cannot preach the last warning messages that people need to hear to make their final decisions for or against me. They must be preached by my people in order for me to bring the plan of salvation to a close. That is why you must use the different types of media to get the messages out to the people. Only then can it go around the world in the time limit that we have, for I will not lengthen the time which is indicated in the trumpets. To lengthen the time would mean that more people would be lost, for the harvest is now ripe and ready for the reaping.

So listen to the trumpets sounding, and explain their meaning to the people. Each trumpet is an announcement of the progressive stages of the withdrawal of my Holy Spirit from the earth and its inhabitants, in preparation for the final withdrawal in the sixth trumpet, and my coming in the 7th. Study these things together, and I will help you understand their meaning. Ask me for anything and I will give it to you if you are listening to my Spirit's guidance, for it was He who wrote the Bible, and it is He who will interpret the inspired writings. You can never tire me by asking, for I delight to give you all the wisdom and strength you need to preach the last warning message to a world whose inhabitants are on the edge of eternity.

Now go to the activities of your day, but continue to seek me earnestly for light and wisdom, and I will never disappoint you, for it is for my honor and glory that you ask. Share this message with everyone you meet as the Spirit directs, for it is a message of life to all who will receive it. And lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age. Lovingly, Jesus.

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