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The Spiritual Difference Between The Sheep and the Goats

Dearest Ones,

I am pleased with the eagerness of all of you to serve me faithfully in the calling that I have given you. The work of shining the light of my soon coming and how to prepare for it, is beginning to move forward, and will continue to escalate as time progresses toward the end.

Now for the topic of the day. I want to talk to you today about the spiritual difference between sheep and goats. I have given the animals various aspects of the characteristics of humanity. As you know, I often use them as examples of human behavior. I am the good Shepherd, and my flock is of upmost importance to me, especially at this time, for we are nearing the time of trouble when everyone must be able to hear my voice in order to make it safely through. That is why I said in John 10: "My sheep hear my voice; they will never follow a stranger." Goats are independent, and basically do as they please. They band together and follow the most aggressive leaders in the group.

Sheep, on the other hand, need a shepherd and caretaker to survive. They learn to trust the shepherd because he leads them to the water and pasture that is best. He cares for them when they need guidance, help, and protection, seeks them when they are lost and stray away, and basically becomes their savior. Because of the strong attachment they have for the shepherd, they know and will follow only the voice of the shepherd. This is vital if they are to survive.

So it is with you and me. Without a close and constant relationship with me, you will not survive through the days ahead that are coming upon the earth. Now is the time to learn to know my voice and trust me. Those whose relationship with me consists of a short worship once or twice a day, if at all, attending church services when it is convenient, listening to the popular contemporary Christian music, and reading religious books from contemporary Christian authors, are not sheep at all, but goats. They do what they want to do when they want to do it, while at the same time, satisfying their desire to be thought of as religious people, by living a Christian lifestyle, so they can consider themselves to be saved.

But they are goats and not sheep. They do what they want to do when they want to do it, but they do not know my voice. These are the ones who believe that the finishing of their character development will take place at my coming. But one day they will parade there good deeds before me, and I will have to tell them, I never knew you. Actually, I did know them, for I know everyone, but they did not know me. I loved them, but they did not love me. I spoke to them, but they did not hear me or listen to my voice. I reached out to them, but they passed by and went their way.

But my sheep hear me and respond to me eagerly and come to me when I call. My sheep know me and love me, for they have a relationship and experience with me. They obey and follow me because they have learned to trust me. So the moral of my message is, make sure you are in the camp of the sheep and not the goats if you want to be sure of your salvation. Make every effort to get to know my voice, for it is still and small, and you must train your mind to hear and respond to it. Do you realize how difficult it is to hear my voice when your ears are tuned to the things of the world? In the raucous noise of daily life, you must reserve a quiet place in your mind which is just for me, where I can always speak to you and comfort and guide you and protect you from hearing the voice of the evil one and following him to your detriment. When you hear my voice and obey me, you become my chosen ones - not because I wish to be exclusive, but because you have chosen me.

Now go to the activities of your day, but rejoice, because when you do, you will open your heart to receive the light streaming through the gates of heaven down to you. And when you hear my voice, share with others what you have learned. I will help you magnify my name and bring other sheep into my fold. Lovingly, Jesus.

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