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Dearest one, my subject for today is tolerance. In all your activities and interactions with people, tolerance is an essential quality of faith and victory over the enemy. Everyone that you meet is at a different place in their walk and relationship with me; or - they don't have any relationship with me at all, and are acting and speaking out the ideas, feelings, and attitudes of the evil one who has control over their lives. In any case, it is the studied, determined, effort of the evil one to influence your mind with the thoughts and attitudes which he has placed in others. You may have started out your day with a positive attitude and connection with me in your worship, but you can be sure that the enemy cannot rest until he finds someone to bring darkness, trouble and doubt into your mind. Therefore I use the word tolerance, because you cannot keep yourself in a monastery where no one can reach you. You must be able to associate with other people without accessing their spirit, and yet mingle and be kind and thoughtful and helpful to all who cross your pathway.

When I was on earth I mingled with people all day long with a purpose of activating in them a desire to be uplifted and find a higher, holier way of life. But in so doing, I stayed in constant communion with my Father so that the devil could never reach me through the influence of others. I want to give you my same victory so that you, too, can be impervious to the devil's influence coming through other people. For example, suppose you are in the presence of or listening to someone who is pouring out thoughts of depression, doubt, anger, hopelessness, blame, resentment, despair, criticism, or any other of the kaleidoscope of emotions that inhabit the minds of people. The tendency is when hearing these things or feeling their influence, that you begin to access these emotions yourself, because the mind is like a sponge and soaks up thoughts and feelings from others in the Interchange between one person and another. That is why you sometimes see whole families who think and feel alike and share the same attitudes, and unfortunately the same demonic presences who dwell in their home. It takes enormous fortitude and determination to escape home influences and live in the light of my presence in the midst of turmoil. But I had to pass that test for you in my own home, and I can give you the victory if you look steadfastly to me and choose my still small voice over the howling voice of the enemy.

Now I want to describe in more detail why tolerance is so important. Suppose you live in a home environment where someone has an angry spirit. There is a demon or demons behind this evil spirit, and they want to get you to respond in like manner so they can find an entryway into your mind, also. Of course, the Bible says, resist the devil and he will flee from you. But how do you do this from a practical standpoint? Number 1: stay connected to me at all times, and I will protect and guide you safely through the experience. Number 2: do not connect with, agree with, or argue against anything that is being said or done. Remain calm in the face of fury, and patiently endure the attack or irritation without connecting with it in any way, or trying to refute it or verbally protecting yourself to the other person. Remember how I handled the devil in the wilderness. I did not engage in a verbal battle with him as he hoped I would do, for then his sentiments could have penetrated into my feelings and he would have had an entryway and an edge over me, especially in my weakened condition. But I tolerated his presence for a time, for I needed to gain the victory over him for every child of Adam by using not my words, but the Word of God. As I did so, it strengthened me and gave me a bulwark against any human weakness that would cause me to access his spirit. Thus you, too, must fall back upon the Word of God in every instance and every temptation. You may not be able to dismiss the person from your presence, but you can and must dismiss the thoughts of the evil one that are coming through the mouth of the person who is attacking or tempting you.

So again I ask, what does tolerance have to do with all of this? It is because you do not know the heart and soul needs of the person, and how your Christlike response will affect them. Call upon me and I will put mercy and grace and patience for them into your mind so that while you do not access the evil spirits that are acting out through them, you can think of the need of the person for help and deliverance. Do all you can to be kind without joining in or accessing their sinful words and behavior. Keep connected with me at all times and listen to my voice speaking to you and directing your thoughts and reactions and words.

But tolerance also has a limit. It is to be exercised to allow the transformation of my character to be lived out in your life, and also to give the other person a chance to be healed by the Holy Spirit's influence coming to them through you. But if the person is not susceptible to my Spirit, there is a limit to what I will allow you to be harassed and attacked senselessly by the evil one through that person. When you have passed the test, and the other person has completely displayed their evil intentions, I will release you from the fire in the way and timing that I choose. That is what happened to me in the wilderness when I successfully passed all the tests, and the evil one fully displayed his true intentions. I was allowed to dismiss him from my presence, and food and strength from heaven were supplied for me.

So trials do not last forever. My merciful heavenly Father will do no less for you that he did for me. Every trial well born will be removed when the purpose for the trial has been accomplished. So look to me day by day and do not become weary in well-doing. Whatever trials and temptations may come to you through circumstances or people, just know and have faith that I have not forsaken you, and you will be delivered from it to serve me as an even better instrument in my hands. So look to me today and trust me and keep connected with me at all times. No matter what others may say or do, I am always the same, and I am always beside you to whisper my thoughts and feelings to you and to give you my victory over the evil one that I have won for you. Be patient, be tolerant of the weaknesses of others around you, and as you look to me and cling to me, you will be able to see the trial of the moment as something to give you greater glory beyond this moment, and a closer bond with me as we walk the pathway of your life together. Blessed be the trials that bring you into a perfect unity and harmony with me. It is the preparation for heaven that will set your spirit free from all earthly entanglements, and give you the victory of the redeemed. Lovingly, Jesus.

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