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Dearest Ones,

I am thinking today about the nearness of my coming and the amount of work that has yet to be done. I am fully able to accomplish this task, for I have an army of dedicated workers around the world that are doing their utmost to spread the good news to every corner of the globe. But even this is not sufficient for the enormity of the task. So I am commissioning my angels to belt the world and seek out every person to bring the test of truth to their hearts in whatever way is possible. For those who respond, I will provide every opportunity for them to come to the full light and understanding necessary for this time, for every person must have sufficient light to make their decision. Thus I can gather into my barn of protection and safety the honest in heart who truly want to serve me. [Matt. 13:30.]

On the other hand, Satan is stepping up his efforts to take those who are truly honest seekers and divert them into his camp before they have an opportunity to have all the light that is necessary to discern between truth and error for these last momentous hours of earth's history. So it will be a battle to the end. But I will blanket the earth with my light during the loud cry of the fourth angel [Rev. 18:1-4], and during that time all will have an opportunity to choose between my truth and the lies of the beast power and his counterpart, which is apostate Protestantism.

At this time I'm allowing these powers to merge, as has been prophesied in Revelation 13, and they are about to take the world by storm with the rapidity in which this will take place. It will be the final battle between good and evil, truth and falsehood, and for Satan's kingdom of darkness versus my kingdom of light. Every person will be caught up in this battle, and as a result, will make their final decisions for eternity. Many honest souls who have heard the truth but have not acted upon it will come out and take their stand against error. Many others who have seemed to be solid in the truth will leave and join the opposite side. It may be difficult to understand how this can be so, but these are people who, although they have ascribed to the truth, have not been sanctified by it.

Perhaps you can see now that my subject today is "truth." Susceptibility to truth is a result of decisions that are made throughout life that are based upon the principle of what satisfies the needs of the heart and mind of the person. If a person's perception of truth is based upon self-advancement, such as, "What does this do to enhance me or my prestige, or my cause or rank or respectability?" or, "How does this concept put me in a position where I can have my needs met, whether it be physical, mental, emotional, social, or spiritual?" then those who search for truth with these concepts will fail to reach the pinnacle of truth that is required for entrance into heaven, for it is self-centered instead of God-centered and others-centered. That is why many of the brightest lights will go out, because their climb to the top was fueled by a desire to achieve over others and receive adulation and respect as a result.

But where is truth in all of this? Have you noticed that my true followers have often been chosen from among the poor, the uneducated, and what would be considered by some as the riffraff of society, and yet have become great as they yielded themselves to the working of my Holy Spirit? Thus, as they became educated in eternal life-saving truth, they were changed and made great in the eyes of honest men, and of angels, as well as receiving the approval of their Father in heaven.

I, too, was not educated in the schools of the prophets, but by studying the word of God at my mother's knee. In all of this I am not suggesting that higher education is evil and should be avoided, for I myself have commissioned my church to establish institutions for the education of those who wish to enter into the calling of public ministry. But this alone does not make a person great in the eyes of God. It is a humble, teachable spirit with an open heart to learn the deep mysteries of salvation which can only be learned through the guidance and enlightenment of the Holy Spirit.

Happy and blessed is the person who has learned truth from birth through godly parents, and then went on to higher education for one purpose only - to glorify God and serve humanity at any level of society to which he or she is called by the Spirit. Education can qualify a person to do this, but if the person trusts in his education and goes no further in a continuing search for light and truth, he will stagnate, for truth and light are progressive, and it is absolutely vital to keep in step with the developing truth for these last moments of time.

The latter rain, which is beginning to fall even now, is specifically designed to help my people understand and cooperate with my closing work in the Most Holy Place of blotting out the sins of my people, which prepares them to go through the time of trouble. Without this understanding, it will be impossible for them to be prepared for the close of probation. Truth is vitally important in any age of history. But now it is a matter of eternal life or death. When the devil unveils his end-time plan to capture the world into keeping Sunday - his day of rest - only those who have already been grounded in eternal truth and have received the power of the latter rain will be able to stand against this deception. Those who stand will have been sealed in by truth on every point, for it is truth that seals the minds and hearts of my faithful ones so that they would rather die than sin. Only these will survive during the time of trouble, because sin - which is untruth - will have been eradicated completely from their minds and they will be blameless before me. They will wear white robes and carry palm branches which symbolize their victory over the world, the flesh, and the devil. They are free from any lies or deceptions. They are completely cleansed and blameless before the all-knowing, all searching eyes of my Father and I as we search our beloved chosen ones through and through at my coming. Then we will welcome you into the eternal joys and happiness of heaven where sin and disagreement with me will never rise again.

Are you ready for that day so soon to come? You can be if you let me search your hearts now during this cleansing, blotting out time when I am making up my jewels. Hasten, oh, hasten into the Sanctuary with me, for this work will be finished before much longer. The door is yet open for you! I love you with an everlasting love, and I want you to be with me in the ark of safety. The choice is yours. Will you choose to love the truth more than anything else in your life? Buying the pearl of great price takes all, but it also gives all so that you receive much more than you give. Come to me now and buy gold tried in the fire, and eye salve that you may see truth clearly, and white raiment that you may cover your spiritual nakedness! [Rev. 3:18.] In return, I will give you the privilege of sitting beside me on my throne, for you will have overcome just as I overcame and sat down with my Father on his throne. [v. 21.]

You really can't know me and understand me or reign with me if you do not have the experience of gaining the victory over the temptations and solicitations of the evil one. But I have won that victory in your behalf, and now it is my gift to you as you walk with me every day. And as you walk and talk with me, I will reveal truth to you that will help you to overcome in every area of your life. Do you want to begin your journey with me now, just now? Do not be like the Rich Young Ruler, who sadly turned away, for his possessions were great. Do not be like Felix who put off salvation for another more convenient time. [Acts 24:25.] That time may never come for you, because Satan is waiting at the door to take advantage of your hesitancy.

So will you take my hand just now and turn your back on the devil's solicitations to wait? I am knocking at your heart's door, and if you open the door, I will come in and eat with you and sup with you and give you the victory and peace that you long for. Today is the day of salvation. Will you join me at this last hour of earth's history? If you do, we will soon be going home together to glory! Lovingly, Jesus.

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