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Dearest Ones,

I am thinking of you today, and I am keenly aware of the struggles you are going through because of the trials that life brings to you. The evil one never sleeps, and you are a target of his wrath because you are standing against the rest of the Christian world who are believing his lies that my grace and my sacrifice covers known sin that is not overcome. Men put forth every effort to build great edifices and projects that magnify themselves. They spend their energies and their fortunes to better themselves or to make their lives easier. But how little thought or effort is given to the goal of conquering self and overcoming sin.

Of course, I realize that any attempt to conquer sin by one's own efforts is futile, for without me you cannot be successful. [John 15:5.] The real effort that must be put forth in gaining victory over sin is in making time every day to connect with me and to fill your mind with my promises, and in the strength of my Word and the power of the Holy Spirit, victory over the flesh and the devil becomes a reality. Submission and faith is not a product of the natural heart, but by reaching out to me and making time for me in your daily life, the miracle of grace takes place as we walk in harmony together through each day.

I take great pleasure in each one of you who are making this effort each day and are gaining characters like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Moses, who knew me face to face. But those who follow me at this time in history will know me even more intimately, for more light has been given to you in the three angels’ messages [Rev. 14:6-12], and now as the fourth angel's message swells to a loud cry. [Rev. 18:1-5.] Please notice carefully that the fourth angel's message is about sin, and coming out of sin. It is not only a warning against worshipping the Beast and his image [Rev. 14:9], although it certainly includes that message. But it is about sin itself, for the beast power, and the harlot and her daughters [Rev. 17:3-5] all refer to those who believe and teach that sin cannot be overcome in this life and must be tolerated until at my coming I do a supernatural work of removing the sinful nature with its passions and lusts.

It is true that I can and will do that supernatural work, but it must take place while I am still ministering in the heavenly Sanctuary, with the intelligent and willing cooperation of my people. This understanding is what sets my Seventh-Day Adventist Church apart from all other churches and people in the world. Like the Israelites were to the other nations around them, so are my Advent people to the world of today. They are to be a light set on a hill to give light to all who desire to know the truth for this time about how to prepare their lives for my coming. But like the Israelites, it is easy to listen to the theories and philosophies of others and become contaminated by their teachings, and the major one is concerning victory over sin. Therefore, I appeal to each one of you, to never give up the belief that total victory is possible through a continual walk with me such as Enoch had, and others as well.

Victory is not attained by trying harder to stop sinning, but by reaching out to me in every trial and temptation. I gained the victory over the world, the flesh, and the devil so that I could give that same victory to everyone who comes to me to receive it. My victory is not a cloak to cover your sins - it is a gift which I impart to each one who comes to me to receive my victory over sin. Of course, while you are still struggling to gain the victory, my righteousness stands before my Father in your behalf, for you are in agreement with me about that sin, and have given it to me for forgiveness and cleansing. But when sin is tolerated as a necessary part of human life, we are now in disagreement, and there is no grace for cherished sin.

Therefore, my topic for today has been "victory." I am not speaking so much to those of you who are following me with all your heart, but to give you courage to speak out the truth to the majority of Christians, even many in my own church who believe either overtly or covertly that complete overcoming is not possible, but will occur at my coming. Great will be the disappointment of the majority of the Christian world when they find out too late that this is not true. So please share this message with others to the extent of your ability, for I am loath to close probation as long as one honest soul is deceived on this subject. I will help you if you will make the effort to reach out and share the truth.

Thank you for your loyalty at this time of apostasy among the Christian world. I have foretold in Scripture that this would happen in the end of time. That is why my coming is so soon, for the majority have already accepted the lies of the enemy through the media and false teachers. But I rejoice that I have a Remnant who loves me and serves me with their whole heart. Do not be discouraged by the things that are transpiring in the world or even the church. Cry aloud and spare not [Isa. 58:1], for you do not know which will prosper, this or that [Eccl. 11:6]. But I promise you that you will not fail to receive your reward in the kingdom of heaven.

Go now to the activities of your day. Do not allow your mind to become discouraged or disheartened, for I am constantly with you by my angels and my Holy Spirit. Reach out to me in your trials and in your service for me and for others, and I will send you help and encouragement to keep you on the narrow way. Never lose your upward focus, for it is your lifeline to heavenly blessings. May you be blessed by my Spirit in your journey today. Lovingly, Jesus.

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