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Dearest Ones,

My subject today is "wholeness." From the time man sinned, there has been brokenness of mind and spirit. This is because when a person eats from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, the mind becomes split between desiring to have my approval and protection, and satisfying the needs and impulses of the flesh. That is why the worship of the heathens is centered upon appeasement and seeking favor and protection, while at the same time mingling their worship with orgies and feasting. Since this is the nature of the worship of fallen mankind, worship of me can easily fall into the same patterns. By that I mean, appeasement by good deeds, while retaining the fleshly and worldly desires in their lives.

A state of holiness, which I require in order to have effective communication with me, means to be wholly committed to the principles of righteousness, and divested of the lusts and passions of the carnal flesh. You cannot do this by your own efforts, for sin separates you from me, and you can do nothing on your own to bring yourselves to a state of holiness. [See Heb. 12:14, 15.] That is why you must come to me just as you are, naked and bleeding from the assaults of the evil one, and come to receive healing of mind and body and be wrapped up in the clean white robe of my righteousness. However, to have this exchange of character, you must come into agreement with me on each issue. Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft [1 Sam. 15:23], for Satan is the first rebel, and the leader of all rebellion, and therefore, to be in rebellion in any part of your mind and emotions places you in direct contact with the devil and gives him permission to tempt and harass you.

This does not mean that when you sin I forsake you, because coming into agreement with me is a progressive work and a daily walk with me. You cannot come from the pit of sinful emotions, and in a moment be transformed into perfect agreement with me on all issues, for the carnal mind is naturally at enmity with righteousness, and therefore you must have a daily continuing walk with me to get to know my will and my ways. Through communion with me and the study of the Word, your mind, will and heart will be changed into a character of godliness. In this process, trials are a part of this journey to holiness, because I don't force anyone to come into agreement with me or see things my way. This comes about through the process of discovery as you walk with me and receive my thoughts and wisdom on every issue. Though the trials may be difficult, the result is holiness and agreement, because you can see for yourself what sinful ways of thinking and behaving does to you.

Holiness must also be a choice of coming to me for enlightenment, and when your mind and spirit comes into agreement with me, all the power of divinity comes to your aid to help you to live in accordance with your choice to obey my will. Now contrast this with the state of mind that believes you can do good deeds and win my favor and approval, much like the heathen do to their gods. There is no power here to change the heart. Good deeds done with this motive are only a facade to cover the nakedness of the soul.

I love everyone whom I have created, and I grieve to see the multitudes who are satisfied with this kind of thinking, for great will be their disappointment in the day of judgment. I am talking here about people who are satisfied with good deeds and outward compliance, not those who are struggling with sin and looking to me for help. The difference is that sinners who are still struggling with sins and reaching out to me for cleansing and victory are in agreement with me about their sins and desire for victory, while those who are satisfied with a show of good deeds are not in agreement with me about the vileness of sin and the necessity of cleansing and victorious living, so they don't seek me for it.

So, holiness is what I am seeking in my people now who are preparing to meet me in peace. There is no peace for the wicked servant who waits until I come back to present me with his one unimproved talent, thinking that I will be pleased with his frugality and foresight. No, it will take all to buy the pearl of great price. And it is my perfection lived out in you that will pay the price for your salvation. If you could only know the heights and depths of my love for you, you would hasten to cleanse your lives of all rebellion and cherished sin and come to me with your whole heart. I am reaching out to you today to enfold you in my arms and heal you from the wounds that sin and Satan have made in your life. The door is still open for you to come and receive total cleansing and wholeness from me as my gift to you in exchange for your willing cooperation. This is the 11th hour, and yet the door of mercy is still open to receive you. Please pass this on to everyone you meet, for it is my purpose for everyone to hear this invitation before the door of mercy is closed.

Now go to the activities of your day, but keep your heart open to my still, small voice of love and counsel for you today, for I have surprises of joy for you, just because I love you and cherish your friendship. And rest assured that when you call to me I will answer, for I am, as always, just a prayer away! Lovingly, Jesus.

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