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Your Daily Activities Until I Come

Dearest ones, today is another day closer to the culmination of all things Earthly. The nations are angry and wanting to clash with each other because of the influence of demons upon them. But I have assigned mighty angels to hold back the winds of strife until my work is done upon Earth and then I will bid them let the winds go and the nations of earth will reap the whirlwind of the god they have chosen. In the meantime I am preparing my people to be safe in the hiding-place of my protection under the shadow of my wings, which describes the protection of the Heavenly angels that I have assigned to each of you.

Now for the topic of the day. I want to talk to you about the day's activities until I come. Right now the priority is getting out the light that I have given you for the world to hear and understand. The timing of my coming is of great importance, and the events that lead up to it. I do not mean that you should emphasize a set date. That you cannot and should not try to do. The secret of timing is in my hands. But the nearness as it relates to the timing of the trumpet countdown, and the relevance of the present and ongoing Judgment of the Living and the finishing of my work in the Heavenly Sanctuary is present truth that people can identify. I have always had present truth messages when the time came for a prophecy to be fulfilled, and that is what I want you to emphasize now.

Present truth messages are always powerful, for I send my spirit and my angels to impress it upon the hearts of the listeners, and those who are honest in heart will recognize it as truth and come out and be among those who go forward with the truth. So keep in step each day with the things that should be accomplished, and there will be no time lag in the messages that must get out to the people in my church and in the world.

Now go to the activities of the day, but listen carefully for my still small voice directing you each moment of the day and you cannot fail to please me and to accomplish what is necessary for each day. I am with you and you can talk to me anytime and consult with me in your heart and I will answer your questions and meet all your needs. I want you to get used to consulting with me throughout the day, because otherwise the day goes by without guidance from me. So avail yourselves of the privilege of hearing my guiding voice throughout the day.

Now go to your day with rejoicing, for you are the apple of my eye and the focus of my attention, for we are partners in the great work of giving the last warning message that the world will hear before the close of probation. So rejoice and be exceedingly glad for great is your reward in heaven. Lovingly, Jesus.

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