• Moments with Jesus

Dearest Ones,

You are so precious to me in your love and devotion to me and your sensitivity to my every wish and command. Not that I have to command you, for you are seeking my will every moment to see what I have in store for you that day, and you are eager to walk with me no matter what it holds for you. My soul is requited by your love and obedience, and my Father and I rejoice, for because of your response to our Spirit, which is sent out into the whole earth to gather the remnant of our people who have served so valiantly in previous ages, we can now bring the great controversy to a victorious end!

Now go to the activities of your day, but rejoice with us, and let there be constant communion between earth and heaven as the hours draw close for my coming. In the meantime there is much work to be accomplished and you can be sure that I will not leave you nor forsake you to the wiles and plans of the enemy to do away with my favored ones who are obedient to the call to be among those who live through the end and receive the prize of being translated at my coming. These will sit with me on my throne throughout the ages of eternity to reveal to the universe forever the principles of my government as lived out in the lives of the redeemed.

Because you will have gone through the effects of the plan of salvation from beginning to end, you will reign with me forever because you understand what no other generation has understood -- the complete eradication of every vestige of sin from your character, and the restoration of the perfection with which mankind was created. But this time there will be no ignorance, because the man of sin will have been fully revealed and overcome. You see, the man of sin is in every person who has sinned, which includes all of mankind. The root of the man of sin is pride and self-sufficiency, which caused rebellion against God and the holiness of character which is necessary for eternal life.

Agreement with me and my principles of love gives freedom and eternal life; disagreement with me and my wise eternal principles equals sin and death. Why will mankind refuse to recognize this? Because they have imbibed the character of Satan in the lies that they love, for they believe that this will set them free from being under my government and having to submit to me. So be it. They will have what they so desire and long for. I will set them free to meet the full extent of their rebellion, and so they will die in their sins, and never shall they be anymore.

But you, my beloved ones, are the rejoicing of my heart in loving obedience and response to my law of love, and so shall you be forever with me and the host of angels and the redeemed. Hold on, my loved ones, for I am coming soon and my reward is with me to give every man according as his work shall be! Lovingly, Jesus.

  • Moments with Jesus

Dearest One,

I heartily approve of your sincerity and love and devotion to me that would permit me to take you through this cleansing about children and your feelings about them. This has been a lifelong problem in your life and has come out in your dealings with children and your ways of relating to them. Children are the heritage of the Lord and need to be treated as such at all times. You have never understood the feelings of children because you were never one yourself in many ways. You were always chosen by me to understand the deep things of God, and childish thoughts, feelings, and behaviors were basically foreign to you. I chose and prepared your mother and your ancestry carefully to provide a foundation of deep spiritual thinking and perception, and also chose your father to give you the ability to socialize and have freedom in speaking and interactions with others.

So you can see how I have prepared you to be a leader in the last days by the parentage that I have chosen for you. So it is with each person who will go through the end alive. I know what material I have to work with, and I know what I need in my final generation. That is why I say that I have known you since the foundation of the world. I knew the outcome of my creation of Adam and Eve, and I put within them the genes of the whole human race. The outcome was known to me and my Father from the beginning. I did not plan for sin, but when I gave free will choice to every being I created, I knew that sin was inevitable, because with incomplete knowledge comes the desire to know and explore the edges and find answers to the unknown.

My whole universe is fashioned for endless exploration and discovery. But I cannot, by my very character, restrict the free will to think and to do with the intention of learning what is beyond your present understanding. My understanding is infinite, and I want my creation to seek and discover all that I have made, and also the laws by which I function. But the mistake of Lucifer was to try to get further light and understanding on his own. His giant intellect could not comprehend the need for any restrictions or laws, for all was, and had always been, perfect. How can one know imperfection when there had never been anything but perfection? But herein lies the necessity of law. Free discovery must be done within the bounds of laws that protect individuality and freedom for all.

When you live in a perfect environment, you cannot perceive imperfection, or the danger of free thinking that will result in the taking away of freedom for others. So my law has been eternally in place for the protection of the freedoms of every being that I have created. It has taken thousands of years for this truth to be displayed and understood and comprehended so that the whole universe will be eternally protected from sin and rebellion from ever rising again. No one is to be coerced into believing in me and my wise and perfect law. My law is not for restriction and control, but for the protection and freedom of all. It is an outward expression of my love for you and all created beings, and it will be seen as such by all the redeemed.

Now go to the activities of your day, but just remember how much I love you and love others around you as I have loved you. Your laws should reflect mine; in other words, your restrictions in the home and family should be for the happiness, highest good, and freedom for all. I can dwell peaceably in a home like that, because it is in harmony with my Spirit and the happiness of all of heaven. Thank you for seeking me this morning and preparing your heart to listen to my heart so that I could share these things with you. Please share this with others so that each person can see how special and important they are to me, and how much I love them! Lovingly, Jesus.

  • Moments with Jesus

Dearest Ones,

I am happy today to tell you that all of you are progressing forward in your spiritual development and growth in holiness, and I am pleased with your devotion to me and your willingness to go through anything to please and honor me and my cause in the earth. For this you will receive my constant watchcare, support, and the reward that comes as a result of joyful obedience and loving fellowship with me. There is singing and rejoicing by the angels about the throne because the marriage of the Lamb that has been prophesied for ages and is now in progress. Because of this joyful event, I will pour out upon you blessings that are fit for the bride of the King.

Although the condition of things in the world will continue to worsen as I allow the loosening of the winds, in contrast I will bless my people with the dew of heaven, just as I protected and blessed my people, Israel, when the plagues of Egypt were poured out. Do you recall that the Israelites experienced the first three plagues along with the Egyptians? This was purposeful on my part, because they had partaken of the spirit of the Egyptians and needed discipline for this; and also because I wanted their tendrils of earthliness to be broken so they would remember their trials in Egypt and not be tempted to lust after what they had and desire to return when they went through the hardships of being sojourners in the wilderness until they reached the promised land.

So it will be with my people now. You are about to go into the Promised Land, but before you do, you will suffer along with the society in which you live to some extent. But you will not suffer the seven last plagues at all, which are strictly for the wicked who have spurned my love and my grace which was purchased for the human race at such a cost. They will receive the full outpouring of my wrath which is poured out without mixture from the cup of my indignation against sin and those who have chosen it by following my enemy and the laws of his government.

Now go to the activities of your day, but always remember that you are never alone, for I am always beside you, and I am just a prayer away. Do not struggle with your sins and temptations until you are worn out and discouraged, and then come to me for healing and relief when you are at the extremity of your resources. Although I will certainly take you into my arms and wrap you up in my love as the father did to the prodigal son, I would much rather you would come to me at the beginning of your trials so I can prevent you from going through so much pain and suffering. Do you see what I mean? It takes a lot more repair even for me, when you don't come for help until you have wasted your time, energy and resources in battling with the enemy by yourself, and depleting your strength in the enemy's camp.

But now I am finished with rebuking and counseling, and I just want to keep you close to me and under my wings of love, for I never want to see you hurt or confused by anything or by any temptation or trial that the devil may bring across your pathway. Just remember to call upon me at once and receive my help, counsel, guidance, protection and provisions -- in short, my love and constant care for you. If you look to me you have no need for worry, sadness, or perplexity, for I will provide for your every need. Call upon me and I will hear you and pour out blessings for you that will exceed your expectations, and disappoint the devil in his desires to bring suffering and reproach upon my bride. Look always to me and lean upon me, and you will always be kept in the circle of my protection! Lovingly, Jesus.