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Faith through the Darkness

My dear ones, I am so pleased with your progress in holiness every day as you go through the various trials that I permit you to experience. These trials are not to consume you or discourage you, but to refine you and polish and purify you of all the dross in your life that Satan has caused. But as you look to me for help, miracles of healing can happen because you are looking away from what Satan has done in your life and focusing upon what I can do and want to do in your life as you cooperate with me. I have great plans for each of you to represent me as you walk in the light against the backdrop of darkness and gross darkness that is upon the people of Earth. They need to see one last blaze of truth before probation closes forever, and no light will shine again except in the camp of my saints. And I want you to know that we are on schedule, and there will be no delay. Now for the topic of the day. I want to talk to you about faith through the darkness. As you know, I am withdrawing my Spirit from the earth in stages according to the light revealed and rejected by the majority of people on Earth and their leaders. If you focus upon what is happening in the Earth you will lose heart and lose connection with me and fall down into the dark world below. It is all right to notice briefly what is happening so that you can speak to the issues that people are dealing with. But like Enoch, your focus must be upon me and following my direction for your personal lives and your witness. As you look out upon the world, there is very little that is worthwhile thinking about. But as you look to me, I will guide you to focus upon the light that I am shining upon you, and be able to disseminate that to others who know and understand much less then you, but whose hearts are looking to me and longing for something to make sense of what is happening in their own lives and in the world where there is much turmoil in homes, marriages, families, and society in general. But this turmoil is preparing people for the great divide that will happen when the greatest light shines from the heavenly sanctuary under the latter rain and loud cry to "come out of her, my people, so that you will not share in her sins," nor "receive any of her plagues" [Rev. 18:4]. At that time family members will be separated, since some who are honest in heart will follow the light, while others will not. This is already beginning to happen, though not visibly to you at this time. But I see the ripening of the grain, and I know who are mine and who are not. So your duty is not to try to carry the weight of the world upon your shoulders, but only to go through the doors that I open for you, and carry only the burdens that I lay upon you, for my burdens are light because I always carry the heaviest part of the load for you. So rejoice today that you are accounted worthy to be among my chosen ones at this time in history. You will get to see what all of my faithful ones through the ages wanted to see - the end of the reign of sin, and my coming in the clouds of glory. That is what you will see with your own eyes and experience in the near future. But this is possible for you because of the faithful labors of all my saints through the ages, and you are standing upon their shoulders, and reaping the results of their faith and labor's for me. Every generation has had its purpose and calling, and now the end has come and the work is accomplished. Only the last dregs of the cup remain, and we will walk the last mile of the journey together. That is why I send you messages every day, because I want you to look constantly to me and keep your faith and courage brightly shining through the darkness of error which covers the earth and gross darkness the people. But the light of my truth is shining brightly in the hearts and homes of my chosen ones, and my heart is satisfied that I now have a remnant who will follow and obey me through the end. Go now to the activities of your day, but don't let go of connection with me for one moment, for the devil goes about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour and so much the more as he sees the end approaching. So cling to me today and I will inspire and strengthen you for every battle and temptation of the evil one, for I am your strong support, and I will never let you down. I love you with an everlasting love, and you can safely lean upon me in the days ahead. Today is a new day to walk together to the kingdom - let us rejoice and be glad in it! Lovingly, Jesus.

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