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Jesus will walk with us to the Kingdom

Dearest Ones, I am pleased with each one of you who is working so faithfully in my vineyard, for I am coming soon to reap the harvest of the earth. Not one of you is unimportant to the outcome of my work in the earth. Just as my disciples were specifically chosen and equipped to fulfill an important role in the early church, so you are chosen to fulfill a vital role in the finishing of the plan of salvation. Although you do not know yet all of the meaning of what I am saying to you now, you will soon see as the work goes forward. Day by day I will lead and instruct you, so be listening carefully to my still, small voice as I guide and lead you, for I will never coerce you to work in my vineyard. You must have a quiet heart and open spirit to hear and respond to my Spirit. Do not allow the pressures of life crowd out my Spirit. Do not forget to spend quiet time with me every morning so that you can connect easily with me throughout the day. Do not let anyone or anything distract you or cause you to feel that I am angry with you or that I have turned away from you or that I am not listening to your cries for help and encouragement and direction. I pledge to you my undying, unrelenting love and watchcare over you until this present world fades into eternity. I gave my life to give me this privilege, and my heart is set forever to redeem and guide my people through the perils that exist in this life on earth until I have finished my course and my battle against the evil one, and have rescued my precious flock from the devil and his war against me. So never fear, never get discouraged or downhearted. Look up to me when the storm clouds seem ominous and trials collect upon your pathway to the heavenly kingdom. I am and will always be near you to help, protect and deliver you. Now go to the activities of your day, but look up and keep looking up, for there is light ahead, and I have already made a pathway all the way to my kingdom for you, and I will walk it together with you through all the days ahead and the war is over, and you are safely with me in my kingdom. Lovingly, Jesus.

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