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Bible Lessons


We are facing the darkest period in earth’s history. Jesus desires to communicate with His precious people, especially those who are striving to be among the final remnant who will be alive when He returns. He is with us every step of the journey, wanting to instruct and guide us as we walk together towards the eternal kingdom. A loving, faith relationship with Jesus is the only thing that will prepare us for the times ahead.

We must know Him personally, not just doctrinally. We must know Him through a daily walk with Him; we must be able to distinguish His voice from that of a stranger (John 10). We must walk with Him through the judgment, the cleansing, and the blotting out of sin, the sealing, and the latter rain. Jesus must be our best Friend, for without constant communication and connection with Him, "we cannot overcome one sin or resist one temptation. . . The channel of communication must be open continually between man and his God." (DA 676)


For some time now, Carol Zarska, MAR has been sharing “Precious moments with Jesus."


These precious moments originate from the inspiration of thoughts that come to Carol while she is in her prayer time, sometimes in response to a question that she may have posed to Jesus or a burden upon her heart. She writes as thoughts come to her under the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

The “Precious moments with Jesus” have been a great source of encouragement and guidance for our ministry team and associates. These communications have deepened our love for Jesus and have helped us to be better equipped to share God's final message with others.


We know that there are God’s people everywhere that would benefit from these precious moments; therefore, we have decided to post them on our website. The past precious moments will be archived on this website, as well.

It is our desire that you will be blessed by reading these communications from Heaven. May you be blessed as you prepare for our Lord’s soon 2nd coming!

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