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A Message of Encouragement

Dearest Ones,

I have a message of encouragement today for my valiant warriors who are following the path I have marked out for them and lagging not behind in the work I have called them to do. To you I say, Well done, good and faithful servants; enter into the joy of your Lord! [Matt. 25:21.] Perhaps now you are beginning to see the storm clouds gathering on the horizon, and from the written Word and the Spirit of Prophecy, you know that Satan will stir up the hosts of darkness to oppose your message of preparation for my coming. You will be surprised to see that many of your former brethren will be in opposition to your straight testimony of repentance and cleansing from sin. Most want to hold onto the comfort of believing that they can keep on as they presently are, and still be ready for my appearing. This is certainly not present truth, considering the imminence of my coming and the close of probation, which comes before it. This is what will take most of my people by surprise, for it will be unannounced and sudden, and not perceived by those who are settled on their lees [Zeph. 1:12] expecting many more years of prosperity. There is no way that I can arouse people to warn them if they are content to sleep on until it is too late.

But I do have a remnant who are looking to me for guidance, and to these I am bringing the truth about the nearness of the end, and the preparation necessary to be ready. The fact that I do have a remnant of faithful ones who are catching the first light of my coming and sharing it with others, enrages the devil and his host, for they fear and tremble when they consider the Day of Judgment. But I have looked forward to this time when the great controversy will be over, and sin and sinners will be no more. The time that I have allotted for this experiment is nearly over, because nothing more can be said that has not already been said. The only thing that remains now is the additional light of the second angel's message joined with the fourth angel of Revelation 18 and finally joined with the third angel of Revelation 14. These messages will be given as a result of the development of the beast and his image, i.e., the papacy, and the fall of the Protestant churches in combination with the change of the lamb-like beast of Revelation 13 as it comes into agreement with the principles of the dragon. This coalition is the result of leaders who listen to the impressions of the devil and act out their pride and desire for control, just as Lucifer did in the courts of heaven. But this coalition will be brought down by my coming, and the kingdoms will fall, never to rise again.

I am looking forward to that time when I can end the reign of sin and establish my kingdom of peace and righteousness for my people who have followed me faithfully throughout history. They come from the hovels and garret’s and caves of the earth to meet me with shouts of triumphant songs of joy, and join with the choirs of angels who lead the joyful celebration of victory over the beast and his image. So do not become discouraged as you see the troubles of the end descending upon you. Remember that these things have been prophesied throughout the Bible and must take place before I come and free you from the earth as you see it now. Great will be your reward as you see the day of my coming approaching, for you will know that your redemption and deliverance is near at hand.

Go now to the activities of your day, but trust in me for protection and guidance, for I am holding you in the hollow of my hand and will provide for you everything that you need for eternal life and godliness. Learn to trust me on every level of your life, for my promises to you are sure, and my love is eternal and unending. Keep your heart with all diligence and listen not to the counsel the evil one. May your day be bright with my presence, and listen to my still small voice, for it is the assurance of your connection with me. Lovingly, Jesus.

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