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Dearest Ones,

I want to talk to you about the importance of fulfillment. As you know, there are absolute prophecies and conditional prophecies. Absolute prophecies are those that I predict through my prophets that have a timeline of my vision of the future that is not dependent upon human behavior, but upon my perfect foreknowledge, combined with my eternal purposes for the salvation of mankind and the finishing of the great controversy. Within these prophecies are my built-in purposes and plans, including the extension of mercy that I provide for the people who are involved, or affected, when their probationary time comes to a close. Even then, I am not arbitrary, as in the case of Rahab and her family who were saved when the time came for the destruction of Jericho. So my mercy is always in effect for even one person who turns to me with their whole heart and desires salvation.

Throughout history there have been timelines that have come to an end, because by the close of the timeline, I had made sure that enough light was given to the people to make a decision for or against me. But the majority of people were so steeped in their own beliefs that there was no advantage to be gained by extending probationary time. In such cases, there would be a remnant who listened to my warning and came out to form a nucleus for a new movement of truth to be revived and carried on for the generations to follow. This was true at the time of the flood, and with the Israelites when they left Egypt, and also when I personally came to earth at the exact time that had been prophesied by Daniel. The remnant then were my disciples and followers who carried the light of truth that survived even through the terrible persecution of the papal era.

And then came the Great Awakening during the 1800s, when I raised up a people who possessed the truth that I had moved from the first apartment of the heavenly Sanctuary into the second apartment, to begin a work of judgment, which will conclude with the cleansing and blotting out of the sins of my people who will stand with me through the time of trouble. Then the plan of salvation will be finished, and my work will be complete in the final remnant.

But this prophecy comes under the category of a conditional timeline. In other words, the timing of its conclusion and fulfillment is conditional upon the cooperation and readiness of my people. An example of a conditional prophecy is Jonah and Nineveh. Because of the complete, sincere repentance of the people of Nineveh, their probationary time was extended until the conditions for their destruction was repeated at a later time. The same principle is in effect now, only in reverse. I am not looking for things to get worse, for that certainly is happening as I am loosening the winds of strife. What I am looking for now is a remnant of my people who are willing to go all the way with me through the cleansing process which is necessary to be among the 144,000 so that their sins can be blotted out, and the plan of salvation be completed. In other words, I will not close probation arbitrarily and leave some stragglers who really wanted to be saved, but just didn't have the time or information that was needed to be prepared. No, before probation closes I will see to it that every person on earth will have had opportunity to make an enlightened decision.

As you know, I could have come in the time of Ellen White, had the church grasped the message of righteousness by faith which was beginning to be preached by Jones and Wagner. But because of opposition, the message was largely misunderstood and rejected, and went into obscurity, waiting for further light from the Sanctuary, and for a generation that would receive it, understand it, and act upon it. That generation has now come. The last light is now shining upon this generation that they will ever have from my Sanctuary, and soon the door of the Most Holy Place will close forever and the light will go out for those who have refused it. As in the case of others who have closed their probation, so it will be for this generation. Death and destruction will overtake them like a lion coming out of its lair, and only my cleansed remnant will be safe under the shadow of my wings.

But there is yet a work to be accomplished. The world must see the light that is shining through my people. Make haste, for I will not extend the time of my coming. The hour is too late and wickedness and rebellion has reached its zenith. So do your work to make the final call to a world that is perishing and then the end will come.

Now go to the activities of your day, but be careful to keep connected with me at all times, for the more light you have from me and the more you respond to the light and go forward, the more angry the devil becomes and the more he wants to trip you up so he can destroy you. But worry not, for I will not let that happen. I will shelter you and protect you, for you are the apple of my eye, and I will keep you and protect you from the attacks of the enemy. Look to me for guidance and direction as to what I want you to accomplish for this day, and I will give you strength and wisdom for each task. So you see, you have no need to worry and be afraid, for worry is blind and cannot discern the future, but I hold your future, and it holds the glorious promise of my soon return. In the meantime, walk with me and trust in me, and you will be victorious over the enemy.

Lovingly, Jesus.

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