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Dearest Ones,

I love to welcome you on the eves of the Sabbath, as I did with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Those were beautiful times of fellowship, as chosen angels joined us for the celebration of the day commemorating the creation of the world. I am looking forward to the rejoining of the human family in heaven, but even now I look forward to being with you each Sabbath.

The subject for today is "kindness." This is a quality that is becoming rare as Satan has more access to people, in preparation for the final withdrawal of my Spirit. Kindness is a quality of love that demands self-sacrifice, for the fallen nature of man is self-serving and wants to receive rather than to give. It is easy to be kind when others are kind to you, but it takes godliness to be kind when others are cruel or insensitive. But the heavenly nature of those who love and serve me is a result of the change that happens when the Holy Spirit is in control of your spirit.

Think, for example, what you feel when someone snubs you, speaks sharply or critically to you, when you are misunderstood, or blamed for something you didn't do. It is then that the carnal nature rises up in self-defense, or becomes angry, depressed, or withdraws affection from the offender. But a person who is controlled by the Holy Spirit thinks first of the needs of the offender, and finds a way to minister to them if at all possible. People react because they have been hurt, possibly in childhood, and have never been healed, and anything that seems offensive to them is perceived as an attack, and opens up old wounds, and the person now wants to counter attack to ward off the hurt and pain. But love, patience, and kindness can heal where nothing else can.

Not everyone will participate in the healing process, no matter how kind you are, but you will be surprised how many will be grateful to you as you become a conduit of the Holy Spirit to bring healing from heaven to people who may never have experienced true love. So the more you become an avenue for my love to reach others through you, the more people I will send to you to find that healing. Then we can work together each day to spread my love everywhere you go!

Now go to the activities of your day, but carry my love with you in your heart so that you will be an ever-flowing fountain of love, happiness, joy, and kindness, fed from the water of life that flows from the throne of God! [Rev. 22:1, 2.] Lovingly, Jesus.

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