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Dearest Ones,

I am happy today to tell you that I am now speeding up the progress of the message of truth around the world so that the finishing of the work will no longer be left to men, but angels will take the field and finish what would be otherwise impossible for men to do with their limited abilities and resources. Even though I have allowed this generation to have miraculous possibilities with the media and ways of travel which were unheard of in other generations, yet the question still remains, how can the masses be reached, especially in third world countries? It can only be accomplished by employing the use of supernatural forces sent from the courts of glory endowed with splendor and laden with the truth that must be preached to all the world before I come. [Matt. 24:14.] But your mind must be pure and clean of selfishness and sin to hear these angels' voices as you go throughout the earth to enlighten the world of my soon coming, and what changes must be made in order to be ready. Many are waiting and longing for the light, and are ready to hear the messages of truth that you will bring. So let your light shine [Matt. 5:16] in every way possible, and angels that you cannot see will go before you and open up doors and hearts to the message of truth for this generation.

The topic for today is "light." I have spoken of this before in various ways, but today I want to emphasize the quality of light that can penetrate the darkness of men's minds and hearts and reach the areas of the mind that have been closed off for years to anything different than they have been accustomed to hearing and believing. I will give you light that will penetrate into the darkest corners of the soul and arouse the dormant thought processes to see where nothing else can do. Everyone has a background of experiences that have wounded the soul and heart in some way. Living in the land of the enemy guarantees that some things are less than perfect in the formative years of one's life. These hidden pockets of emotion are sometimes long-forgotten, or else they have been covered over with years of clay which has been hardened in the heat of the trials that life holds for everyone.

But underneath all this is a divine blueprint [Ps. 139:15, 16] that I have given to every soul, and I strive by my Spirit to awaken to life the palsied limbs and the broken and stony hearts by your loving ministry to them, and the light that you will bring from the courts of heaven to arouse their dormant faculties to life. So they will say to you, as did the people who responded to the preaching of the early rain, Brothers, what must we do to inherit eternal life? [Acts 2:37.] It is light in the darkness of error that produces this response in people who have long ago given up hope, or who have lived in self-satisfied ways that blind their eyes to their spiritual, mental, and emotional needs. So, "Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee" [Isa. 60:1]; for I have many souls who must be reached before I close probation's door forever.

Now go to the activities of the day, but look for evidences of my calling to you to be light bearers in a world where darkness abounds, and people are groping for something to give them a reason to live, and to have the strength for just one more day. I have given you so much, and some people have so little. But you are chosen and faithful because you have not succumbed to the darkness, but have followed the light, and have not turned back nor stopped along the journey, but are continuing to press on to victory in every area of your life. Therefore you will have the privilege of ushering in my kingdom and bringing sheaves with a you to offer as a gift to my Father, which will shine [Dan. 12:3] like the brilliance of the sun throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity. Lovingly, Jesus.

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