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Praying for the Nations

Dearest Ones, I am pleased with your dedication to my Word, and for sharing its principles so thoroughly with others. This will reap great rewards for all of you, because using the Word in this way opens up all the treasures of heaven.

Each of the nations are under specific demons who are assigned by Satan to capture the nation and control the people to which they are assigned. If I should go in to take what these demons claim as theirs, I would be going against the will of the people who are following them, which are the vast majority. Only my people in each nation who are devoted to me and follow me are not in harmony with the will and purposes of the enemy, and they are few in comparison.

But in my Word I have placed secrets and instructions to use when praying for nations, and I want you to find these and use them. I will guide you as you search for these promises, for I want you to also use them when searching and praying for people in the nations who have open hearts to receive my truth, and thus accomplish the finishing of the work of the gospel quickly around the world. The power of the devil over the kingdoms of earth is truly great, but just as I used the Israelites to dispossess nations whose probation had closed, so I will now use my people to reach and bring out the honest in heart from the nations of the world whose probationary time has ended. You see, probation closes when I completely remove my Spirit from a nation or from a person. This happens when they have completely resisted my Spirit and have chosen their idols, which is essentially the same as choosing Satan as their leader and their god. As I look out over the world today, I see that every nation has now done this, and the only light that now shines from the world is from my people who have chosen my precepts and my laws, and have rejected the wiles of the devil. Some of these are in other churches and still need to be enlightened about the truths that only my chosen ones know. These I will bring out with a mighty hand under the outpouring of the latter rain and the loud cry. I am sure you know that this will happen in its fullness as I allow the Sunday issue to take prominence as a result of the tragedies that I am allowing to happen in every country around the globe. I am doing this to arouse people to the nearness of the close of probation, which is already in progress, and of my coming. My true people are hearing my voice, and the others are binding in bundles to be burned.

You need to follow my instructions and the leading of my Spirit and my angels, and to cooperate with me in every detail as we move forward together in the power of the Spirit. My Father and I have all power, but we must work through human beings to accomplish our goals. So fear not, but look constantly to me for strength, power and directions, and you will be successful. Fear not for anything, for fear is of the devil. You must be like Gideon's 300 who cared for nothing except the battle, and had complete and total faith in me. Then you will have good success, and win the crown of life that awaits you when the battle is over. Have a pleasant day and have peace with me, for I am at peace with you! Lovingly, Jesus.

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