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The Blotting out of Sin—An Experience

Dearest Ones,

My heart is with you today and every day as you struggle with the challenges of daily life. I am pleased to see you reaching out to me for help on even the smallest matters. This is why I have planned to give you these messages every morning, for I know that your daily activities can swallow up your time, energy, and thoughts so that you may forget that I am walking beside you and want to be a constant part of your life.

Do you remember the story of the two disciples who were in shock and grief as they walked to their destination at Emmaus? I came to relieve them of their burden of sorrow and to answer their questions about me and my death on Calvary. But they perceived me not, for their eyes were holden [Lu. 24:16, KJV], because I first wanted to spend time with them to explain the Scriptures concerning myself before revealing my identity. And so it can be with you! I want you to be grounded in Scripture and the principles and teachings of the Word, and not be shaken by the trials and tribulations that are even now coming upon the earth.

I also want you to allow me to have a personal relationship with you because otherwise your concept of me can deteriorate into a form, or a doctrine about me rather than a relationship with me. I want to raise your consciousness level to a friendship rather than someone that you read about, but with whom you do not have a personal relationship. And I want to teach you as I did those disciples the things that pertain to you here at the end of time, which is my work for you in the cleansing and blotting out of sin in your lives, and how to cooperate with me through this experience.

No one has ever gone through this part of my mediatorial work, for it comes at the very end of time, just before I close the door to the Most Holy Place and pour out the plagues upon the wicked. If your sins have not been cleansed and blotted out by that time, there will be no more hope of salvation after probation closes and I am no longer pleading my blood for you before the Father. I hope you will open up your heart to understand this and teach it to others, just as the disciples preached the truth for their time during the early rain. Their message was the good news of the remission of sin through the application of my shed blood [Acts 2:38], and your message is the cleansing and blotting out of sin, corresponding to the Day of Atonement yearly for the Israelites. [Leviticus 16:30.]

I know that you know this, but until now, this has been a doctrine, not an experience. People have continued to trust in my daily work of ministry, but have not understood how to cooperate with me in the yearly ministry of the cleansing and blotting out of sin, which is now present truth. As you are experiencing this and learning how to cooperate with me, so now you must tell it to others who are longing for more light about how to be free from the continual round of sinning and repenting. That era is waxing old and phasing out, and the new vital message of blotting out is what the people are yearning to hear. In every age there has been a development of truth which is pertinent to that generation and applies the message of salvation to what is happening in their time. Now truth must be expanded to meet the needs of the people to be prepared for the close of probation and the end of time.

So rejoice that you see and understand the light of present truth that is streaming from the Sanctuary, but do not forget that I have other sheep that must also be brought into the fold of safety. These also I must bring in before I close my work in the Most Holy Place. The light that was perceived by the pioneers in 1844 must now be preached with the additional light of how to understand and participate in the final work in the Most Holy Place of the cleansing and blotting out of every sin.

Are you prepared and willing to be my friends and co-workers in this vital closing ministry? I need you to be by my side, hearing my voice, and sharing this message of truth with others. You do not need to worry about the time that is left, or how this message will spread throughout the earth, for I have my army of angels who will multiply and spread the message to every person on the globe. But they must have human hearts, human hands, and human voices through which to work, for you are the human agents who will cooperate with the final work of the three angels’ messages and combine them with the loud cry of the fourth angel, which is soon to take place.

Join me now as we prepare for the last great battle between good and evil, and together we will obtain the victory over what Satan has done to my creation. When the war is over, I will bring the earth back to an even greater beauty and glory as a gift to you, my beloved ones, and forever you will enjoy the fruits of our labors together and you will forget the scenes and experiences of your sojourn here, for the memories of what sin has caused you will have been forgiven and blotted out, never more to come to mind. Join me today in the finishing up of the work of my atonement, and our days will be sweet as we fellowship together! Lovingly, Jesus.

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