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The Etiology of Anger

Dear Ones, you are my treasure today and every day because you are walking in the light of my presence and my instructions each day, and following my guidance so that I can trust you to do my bidding, and not get behind because you put other things first in your priorities. I will reward you for this by giving you a sense of my presence and approval every moment of the day and night so that you need never be concerned or fear that I am not with you, for I will be protecting and guiding you every moment. Just look to me constantly and you will never have cause for dismay. Now for the topic of today. I want you to study the topic of the etiology of anger, and how it has affected the whole human race since sin came into the world. It caused the first murder, and all the murders and violence and hate since the entrance of sin. Unrighteous anger comes from Satan’s covetousness of my position with my Father, and his desire for my throne. He thought about it until his desires drove him to madness, and his focus upon the object of his selfish goals became his only thoughts. His anger was directed at me because he felt that I was standing in the way of achieving his goals and receiving what he so much desired. This is the basis of all unrighteous anger and all wars. The desired object or goal is perceived to be unreachable unless the person or thing that is standing in the way is removed or destroyed. This is the result of sin in the human heart, and it comes from Satan.

Originally, I placed the holy desire to achieve and reach goals into Adam because I created him in my image as a leader and creator of anything his heart desired as long as it was in harmony with me, and inspired by my Spirit. Man’s mind must be achieving and growing and thinking new and lofty thoughts in order to be healthy and growing and fulfilling the blueprint which I gave him in the beginning. But the effect of sin has caused this gift and desire to become self-centered and focused upon selfish principles and self-aggrandizement and achievements that will bring honor, fame, and glory to oneself. Therefore, anything or anyone that stands in the way of these goals becomes a perceived enemy, and must be brought into subjection, removed or destroyed.

In the beginning, the gifts of achievement that I gave to man were to be used to be a blessing to everyone to make the lives of others more pleasant and happy. Created things were to be useful and beneficial to everyone, and bring happiness to mankind and glory to God. But sin has obscured or obliterated these goals and opened the door for Satan to replace these goals with the stamp of his own character. Thus you see the results of war, hatred, and selfishness. For thousands of years I held back the full results of this, and inspired men who were subject to my Spirit to invent things that would be for the good of mankind and speed up the last warning message to the world. But Satan has so perverted even these blessings from me to be used for his Satanic purposes to bring the minds and souls of human beings into slavery and bondage to his own insanity of thinking and doing. Therefore, my chosen ones must be completely divested of anything that would infiltrate their minds from the camp of the enemy. The avenues of the soul and mind must be kept clean, pure and holy if the cleansing of the judgment process is to be effective. Even good movies and music must be used judiciously, for the mind is captivated by thoughts and feelings that I may not be inspiring at that particular moment. In other words, even the use of good music must be subject to my Spirit for timing and content, because it goes directly to the right hemisphere of the brain where I alone should preside.

So please let your music choices and timing be in subjection to me. I prefer that you do not have music – even good music – playing all the time, because it controls your moods in a way that I alone should do. The silence of the soul and mind makes more distinct the still, small voice of the guidance of the Holy Spirit speaking to you. That is why Satan uses rock music to invade the minds of men and women who listen to it. It is essentially a take-over of the mind by the devil to control the thoughts, feelings and motives of the listener. And it has a very angry spirit in harmony with the pulsations of the beat, the lustful words, and the instruments which are used. It is the music of war and lust. Satan cannot create anything that is gentle, sweet, and truly loving, for his character is just the opposite. That is why even the so-called spiritual songs must be forced into the minds of hearers and singers by a heavy beat, and loudness, or sensual tones and innuendoes. Please avoid completely such songs and music that appeal to the sensual side of your nature, for it will surely connect you with the evil one, for they are not inspired by my Spirit.

Now back to the subject of anger. The KJV of the scriptures says, “Be angry and sin not.” The NIV is more preferable: “In your anger do not sin.” Anger itself is not sinful if it is used to accomplish something necessary and beneficial. Anger is the basic drive to propel into action for accomplishing a desired goal. For example, my righteous anger as it is expressed in scripture is always for the purpose of protecting my people and reaching the desired goals that are necessary to accomplish the work of salvation. I am not angry at people – I am angry at sin and all that it has caused, and in my anger I will destroy all that sin has caused to my Father’s sovereignty, His laws, and His kingdom. In my anger against sin, I will rid the universe once and for all of the effects of Lucifer’s defection, and his threats to take over the very throne of God. He will be deposed from the position of leadership that I have permitted for him in order to display his wicked purposes and the results of his evil mind. That, with the protection of my people, is the focus of my anger.

But evil anger comes from the devil, and all my people must be cleansed of every shred of it, for it has a selfish base, and puts Satan in control wherever and whenever it is displayed. The Holy Spirit cannot reign in the heart of anyone who is giving way to selfish anger and impulses. This must be cleansed in the fire of my righteous judgments. Then peace and holiness can reign in the hearts and homes of my people, and can flow through the homes of all who are controlled by my Spirit of love, joy and peace. Will you not allow me to do this for you? Trust in me and not in self. If you have a problem of any kind, come to me for help instead of trying to solve it yourself. You will be blessed, and everyone around you will be blessed if you do this.

Now go to the activities of your day, but keep your mind and heart open to me at all times. Don’t give the devil the slightest inch of space to come into your hearts to cause unholy thoughts, feelings and actions. I will cleanse you of all sin as you walk with me, and you will be my friend, just as Abraham was, and I will share all my thoughts and feelings with you just as I did with him. Isn’t that enough reward for yielding to my Spirit and displaying my character and my love to everyone around you? I am looking forward to this relationship with you today and every day until I come. Now be at peace with me, for I am at peace with you. And always remember that I am just a prayer away! Lovingly, Jesus.

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