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Well Done

Dearest Ones,

As the Sabbath approaches, I want to welcome you into its sacred hours. I will be with you in spirit and truth [John 4:24], and will send a message of love for you to share together. The subject of the message is, "well done." As I see you all moving forward in the work I have called you to do, I want to assure you that your work is accepted in heaven. The study guides are fully representative of my kingdom and full of truth for this hour. All of you are putting forth every effort to represent me so that I am not ashamed of the product of your labors. So I would like for you to consider the parable of the talents in Matthew 25:14-30.

When I give gifts to each person, I give of my bounties and see what each person will do with what they have been given. Gifts are given in accordance with the effort put forth in the smallest duties of life. There is no limit to what a person may receive from me according to the use of the gifts and opportunities one already possesses. In other words, I gave five talents to the man who was using his time, thought, and energy to the best of his capacity to serve me. Therefore, the talents which I gave to each one was in exact measure with what they were presently doing in my service.

You see, they were already my servants, so I had time to observe the character of each one prior to distributing my gifts to them. And when I returned, I received back from them the exact proportion of increase that I had given them, except for the slothful servant who gave me back nothing for a return on my investment. Therefore, his talent was given to the one who attained the most. Now let me expand your thinking on this subject. The first thing I want you to observe is that there is no limit to the achievement of a worker in my kingdom. There is a bottom line, but the top is open to grow and produce fruit throughout eternity. Your brain has the capacity for unlimited growth, learning, and development, and you will always be able to learn more and achieve the desires of your heart throughout eternity. It will always be up to each person to use the measure of light he already has and then continue to acquire more. That is why I have a limitless universe for you to discover and explore.

Another thing that will expand forever will be your capacity for love. Since I am love and I am limitless, so your capacity for love, joy, and happiness will increase throughout eternity. I know that this is hard for you to imagine or understand now, but these are just some of the joys of heaven that will be your reward. Another blessing that awaits you is the privilege of reigning with me throughout eternity. [Rev. 3:21; 22:3-5.] This is what Lucifer was privileged to do, for I gave him a throne [Isa. 14:12, 14; 7 BC 973] next to mine, and he, too, would have progressed in wisdom and ability as he learned from me and my Father. But he gave up this privilege, and now I am giving it to you, just as I gave the one unused talent to the servant with the highest gifts who had been completely faithful with what he had been given.

At first glance, it may seem that I have favoritism in the distribution of gifts, but please remember that there is no limit to the achievement of anyone, but each chooses his course and his reward by the measure of his own faithfulness, and the effort put forth. So do you desire to be a fruitful branch in my vineyard? Then follow me faithfully each day in your labors, and you will not fail to receive my blessings, and your reward will exceed your highest expectations in the kingdom of heaven.

Go now to the activities of your day, and I will meet with you and bless you on the sacred Sabbath hours. Lovingly, Jesus.

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