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Dearest Ones,

My joy and delight is ever in my chosen ones who love me and desire to commune with me each morning and throughout the day. I have many treasures of wisdom and love to share with you to strengthen your hearts and help you to walk more closely with me.

Today the subject is "wisdom." There are seven aspects of the Holy Spirit that are frequently spoken of in Scripture, all of which I want my beloved ones to have freely and abundantly in their lives. As you have studied them before, they are: wisdom, understanding, counsel, power, knowledge, fear of the Lord, and righteous judgment. [Isa. 11:1-4; 4:4.] All of these are aspects of my character that I desire to share freely with you. [Rev. 4:5; 5:6.] But so much has to do with your response to my overtures and the reception of my guidance in your life. Every day I come to your heart's door and knock for entrance. Can you imagine my joy when you open your heart and welcome me into a loving fellowship with you that day?

But can two walk together unless they are agreed? [Amos 3:3.] The obvious answer is - no! And so I want to bring you into agreement with me each morning in your worship time. As you pray and study, always remember that my thoughts and feelings toward you are thoughts of peace, not of evil. In other words, I do not bring to you a list of grievances that I have against you before you can connect with my love for you. My love is constant and unchanging. But if you have wandered from me and listened to the dark voices and taunts of the evil one, you will need to turn from the darkness and face the light and the assurance of my constant love and care for you, in order for us to have fellowship together. [1 John 1:9.]

Tell me about your griefs and your fears and your temptations. You cannot weary me or make me turn my face from you because you are sharing these things with me. But your confessions must be intermingled with faith in my forgiveness and mercy, and my promises of healing for body and soul. You do not see ahead and know what my plans are for you, but they are plans of hope, joy and peace, and holiness and healing of mind, soul and body. Your sufferings now are preparing you for a greater infilling of my Spirit and a future of hope and fulfillment of my original plans for you. But please remember that the future is always bright when you place yourself in my hands and trust me.

Now I want to return to the topic of wisdom. All aspects of the Spirit fall under the category of wisdom. [Prov. 8:11-14; 9:1.] It is a gift that is given to those who seek it with all their hearts. [James 1:5.] But wisdom is reserved for the pure in heart, because my wisdom cannot reside in the mind of fools. A foolish person is one who feels that they can get through life without God and without the instruction and counsel of the Spirit and the Word on every matter. The carnal mind is filled with foolishness and error, and does not desire to subject itself to the discipline that is necessary to seek to know the wisdom of God, or obey the leading of the Holy Spirit, for that would take self-denial, and the application of oneself to the Word of God.

Happy is the man or woman who grows up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, and because of a vital connection with me becomes wise unto salvation. How many sins and mistakes would be left uncommitted, and how many pitfalls would be avoided, if a person would heed the wisdom that is found in the Word of God! But it is never too late to reach out to me for healing, mercy, and forgiveness. The lessons you have learned by the mistakes you have made can be a beacon of warning to yourself and to others.

The greatest reward of wisdom is that it comes from me through the avenue of the Holy Spirit, and the value of understanding and wisdom grows with its usage. For example, whenever you have a question about anything, feel free to ask me. Some people feel that they should not bother me with anything unless it is impossible for them to come to a conclusion by themselves, and then seek me for help as a last resort. Where is this principle found in the Bible? The Scriptures are full of invitations and urgings to come and drink freely at the fountain of wisdom on any and every matter. It is a part of our daily relationship with each other, and gives both of us joy and heavenly companionship.

Do you remember my friends Abraham and Moses? We always conversed together about whatever needs they were experiencing. I enjoyed revealing things to them that were a part of the future events in their lives, as well as scenes from the future of the world. Now time is running out, and the days are few. I have much that I can reveal to you to guide you in the days ahead that you are not aware of at this moment in time. I do not like to take anyone by surprise. I want to help you to walk securely in the present moment and also be prepared for the future. This is what I have to offer you as you face each day. But it takes willingness and effort to maintain a daily walk with me. And it takes a heart that is open to the leading of my Spirit, who gives wisdom to all who seek it with a pure heart.

Some are afraid to open their heart and mind to me because they are afraid they will be deceived. Don't you have the Scriptures and the Spirit of Prophecy to give you a sure guide to wisdom and truth? Cannot you compare Scripture with Scripture so that you can recognize the still small voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to your heart and guiding you day by day? Enoch did not even have the Scriptures, but he set his heart to know me, and he was rewarded by being translated. And you who are alive now at the end of days can also be among my faithful ones who are translated.

However, you must first learn to know me and hear my voice speaking to you, guiding you moment by moment as I did Enoch. My voice in your heart never supersedes the Scriptures, for the principles of truth by which I guide you must agree with the things that are written down in the Scriptures. I want all of you to be Enochs, Abrahams, and Elijahs - men who heard my voice and obeyed me, and thus became the mighty warriors of old.

But now I need men and women who walk beside me through the end of time, who will hear and obey my voice and not turn back when the going becomes difficult. You cannot cleanse yourself, you cannot prepare yourself for what is coming. But if you listen to me and cooperate with me, I will cleanse and prepare you and use you as an instrument to help others. Do you long for the wisdom and strength and guidance that you need to get through each day?

"Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest!" Matt. 11:28.

That is what I am offering to you as the reward for looking to me moment by moment as a child looks to its parents and trusts in their guidance and wisdom. As your heavenly parent, I will see you safely through each challenge that you will face until I come! Lovingly, Jesus.

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