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Application of the Word of God

Dearest Ones, You have heard an important message from me today [my sermon on the necessity of the application of the word of God in all aspects of the plan of salvation]. I want you to spread this around the world as soon as possible. Without an understanding of my word, it will be impossible for anyone to come to perfection in the final generation of my cleansed people. I work through the word, I speak through the word, and I bring my people into harmony with me through the word. The Holy Spirit is released unto you through the word. Just as the world and all that is in it was created when I spoke and the Holy Spirit was activated to accomplish what I commanded, so when I speak to your heart and mind through the word, as you respond, the Holy Spirit makes it a reality. There is no other way to reach your heart with my regenerating power to change your life. If you will do as I am suggesting, I promise you that I will pour you out a blessing that you will not be able to receive it. It is a part of the latter rain. The early rain germinated the seed, the latter rain ripens the harvest. And you are in that time. The harvest is ripe and you are my harvesters as you preach my word and the cleansing work that I have given to you to experience and share with others. In so doing you are working together with the angels who are sent forth by my Father to reap the harvest of the earth. So fear not for anyone who would oppose you and the message I have given to you. Go forward whether you receive acceptance or opposition, for I will be with you and make your work successful. Now go to the activities of your day, but ponder deeply what I have commissioned you to do for me, and look to me constantly for help, inspiration, direction, courage, and strength. I have all of these for you and even more that you can ask or think. You are my witnesses, and there is no higher calling then to be witnesses for me at the close of earth's history and the gospel era. Thus you will shine forever in the courts of my glory, and you will be able to tell the story of how I worked through you to bring to a close the great controversy between good and evil. Lovingly, Jesus.

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