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Calmness of Spirit

Dearest Ones, My heart is with you today because there is so much for you to do to keep abreast of the fast pace of things that must be done to prepare for my coming. But I do not want you to worry, but look to me for strength, wisdom, energy, understanding, and everything that you will need each day before I come. I will carry your burdens, and counsel you and guide you with unerring accuracy, and no amount of worry on your part can match the need for the calmness of spirit under duress that comes from communion with me. Now go to the activities of your day, but remember that underneath are the everlasting arms of my love and my purpose for each one of you, and I desire you to practice each day calmness of spirit and trust in me to prepare you for the days ahead. These traits of character cannot be learned in a moment - they are the result of a lifetime of relationship with me, beginning from the moment you accepted me as your Savior and Lord and extending throughout eternity. This is my legacy of love to you - my promise that I will never leave you nor forsake you. But in order to perceive my presence and watchcare over you, you must extend the arm of faith until you touch the hem of my garment, and in that touch is all the help and healing and blessings and wisdom you will ever need until we are face to face at my coming, and then throughout eternity. So drink as much as you need at the fountain of my love and care for you, and you shall see the wonders of blessings that I have in store for you each day as we walk together. Lovingly, Jesus.

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