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Dearest Ones, I will give you the message for today. It is "duty." To some this may sound like a harsh word that calls to mind works instead of spirit. But you have been given two sides to your nature: spirit -- or thoughts and feelings -- and flesh, meaning the ability to accomplish whatever your mind and your spirit calls upon you to do. Your spirit is the driving force, and your body, or flesh, is the vehicle by which you carry out your plans. Before sin came into the world, these two were in harmony, for they were both empowered by my Spirit. But after sin, the thoughts and feelings could function in opposition to the bodily needs and requirements, and thus cause disharmony, disease, and eventually death. This is the result of coming out from under the control of the Holy Spirit and trying to function apart from God, your Maker, and His plans for you each moment of the day. Therefore, the purpose of the plan of salvation is to restore harmony to the daily moment-by-moment functioning of soul, body, and spirit. In order to do this, each person must submit to the original plan for your creation, and learn to reside under the constant guidance of the Holy Spirit. At times this will necessitate the surrender of your own plans and ideas, and this is where duty comes into the equation. Because of the fallen nature, you cannot always fathom or understand the thoughts, plans and purposes of God's plan for you, and what may seem good to you may be in opposition to what He may see is best. But by faith you can go in the direction where God is leading the way, in spite of what you might think is reasonable or best from a human point of view. You cannot see the future, but you can follow the unction of the Holy Spirit, trusting in divine guidance and wisdom, and doing your duty in faith so that the outcome will be to the glory of God and for your best good. So trust in God and go forward as I lead the way, and you cannot fail to carry out the plan that I have outlined for each of you. Let your light shine! Set it on the top of a high mountain and let all who want to come to the light choose to hear what I have to say to the churches! Lovingly, Jesus.

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