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Dearest Ones, My thoughts and my heart are with you tonight as you labor to know and to do my will. You will be blessed by heaven for your willingness to never give up striving for the highest goals that I have for you. The topic tonight is "faithfulness." I know that I have spoken of this before to you, but tonight I have something further in mind for instruction in righteousness. As you know, there are things that as yet are obscure to you, and that is because you will be able to see clearly as the scroll unrolls. There are those who wish to know everything before it happens. This has never been the case. If I did this, faith would be unnecessary. Perseverance is developed as you continue to go forward as I lead you. This develops character. But as you go forward with faith and perseverance and trust in my leading in your life, you join the long list of champions of the faith. I value your love and obedience highly, and I will reward you day by day by my constant protection, presence, and guidance. Please continue your prayers, for the prayers of the saints on earth are necessary for the plan of salvation by faith, and cooperation between earth and heaven. Go now to rest, but let prayer be the breath of your soul, and you shall see how important prayer is for the accomplishment of the task. Lovingly, Jesus.

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