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Dearest Ones, My heart of love is focused upon my people around the world today. Two things are happening that I have foreseen and prophesied. As a result of the signs upon earth that I am sending, people are being aroused and are seeing that something momentous is about to happen. Read the book of Amos to see the condition of the earth as I see it now. But in spite of the catastrophes that I am sending to arouse people to know that I am coming soon, people's hearts are becoming even more hardened in their efforts to turn off the fear and foreboding that they feel. Sports continue to be played, music and revelry continue, and the people of the world hasten on to their destruction as did they in Noah's day until the flood came and took them all away. Therefore, it is time for me to arise and shake terribly the earth and its inhabitants. [Isa. 2:19, 21.] But I will hide my people in the cleft of The Rock [Ex. 33:22; Ps. 18:2] and shield them in the day of disaster [Ps. 57:1; 144:2], for they have followed me faithfully and preached my truth without fear. Now they will have nothing to fear when I punish the wicked for their sins and their high-handed rebellion against my laws and their treachery against my people. So the topic for today is "fearlessness." Fear is a natural result of the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. When I created man, fear was an unknown emotion, for I am love, and everything in my creation responds to love, and perfect love casts out fear. [1 John 4:18.] But rebellion and sin produce fear of a lack of safety and protection, and a sense of vulnerability to harm and danger. So feelings of fear are a result of sin, and is one of the effects of sin that must be overcome. When I was upon earth I experienced pain and suffering and sorrow, both emotionally and physically, but this did not produce fear in me because faith and connection with my Father and his love for me was my solace and the stronghold of my emotions. So it must be with you. Since love, trust, and faith are a product of connection with me, so you can have the gift of my perfect righteousness in your thoughts, feelings, and reactions to Satan's temptations. Fear produces anger and self-protection, which are a result of sinful thoughts and feelings and a lack of trust and faith and connection with me. So in these last few hours before probation closes, your highest goal should be to open your hearts to my cleansing work in you, and be cleansed from all fear, sin, and rebellion against the leading of the Holy Spirit in your daily life. So today I would like for you to train your hearts to be aware of any fears that are still lurking in your mind or emotions. Many persons have had abuse in childhood that produces fear. This is a terrible sin by parents, but it can be healed by a love relationship with me and trust in my care for you. For those of you who have problems with anger, remember that anger is a byproduct of fear and self-protection. Fortify your minds with Scriptures that combat fear, and place your assurance upon my love and protection. Many people today are afraid to preach the straight truth about my imminent return and the preparation necessary to be ready for my coming. They fear to upset people and bring disbelief, rejection, or shame upon themselves. But none of these will be entrusted with the privilege of preaching the message of the fourth angel that swells to a loud cry. So can you see how important it is to be cleansed from all fear and self-protection if you want to be among the final cleansed remnant? No cowards will be among the 144,000, who represent me in the earth, and before the entire universe. Now I want to say a word about those who are spurning the writings of Ellen White and saying that they should not be used for doctrine. There is nothing in her writings that is not already in the Scriptures. The writers of old spoke of things that were far in the future, and they saw it through a glass darkly because it was not specifically applicable for their generation, although in some aspects it would apply to judgments that would come to them as a result of their sins. But the complete, full application would come in the final generation of earth's history. Therefore, I have given you the Gift of Prophecy in the last days to bring out the specific Scriptures that are applicable to the conditions at the end of time, with additional testimonies from me to purify a people who will be cleansed and ready to preach the last warning message to the world. Many are forgetting that the writings of Ellen White are inspired testimonies and messages from me for my final people, and I assure you that those who spurn, downplay, or reject these messages through the Spirit of Prophecy as displayed in the writings of Ellen White will not be ready for my coming and will be cast into outer darkness because they rejected the light that I sent to them. [Matt. 8:12.] It is the same as the sin of the Jewish nation when they rejected me, the Messenger of the Covenant, and sealed their doom as a nation. It was the remnant of Israel who believed in me and came out of the false teachings of the rabbis and Jewish leaders, and became my disciples and the founders of the Christian church. So it will be now. Those who believe my prophets will receive the light shining upon them and move forward to victory and be alive when I come. Now go to the activities of your day, but keep me ever in your heart and listen to the still small voice of my Spirit guiding you through the day, and rejoice that you are accounted worthy to be a member of the final generation who will go through to the end. Do not permit fear of anything or anyone to remain in your heart, but bring it to me and let me give you light and comfort and protection, just as I went to my Father for everything that pertains to righteousness, holiness, and perfection. And now I bequeath the same things to you as my remnant of Israel. Let the bedrock of my promises saturate your mind, and meet the temptations of the evil one with the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God which will enable you to meet and conquer all the fiery darts [Eph. 6:16] of the enemy. And let the peace of God which passes understanding [Phil. 4:7] fill your hearts with love and dispel forever any fear of harm or any temptations of the evil one. Be blessed today, my beloved ones, and keep your hearts uplifted to me, for I will never leave you nor forsake you [Deut. 31:6, 8], and I am, and will always be, just a prayer away. Lovingly, Jesus.

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