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Dearest Ones, My eyes are upon my beloved ones around the world who are meeting together to worship me this morning. I am not absent from my people on Sabbath, for I visit them both in person and also through my Spirit and my angels. It is a day for re-creation and fellowship with me, and all of heaven is involved in bestowing blessings upon those who obey me and keep my commandments from a heart of love. So my subject today is "fellowship." As I explained yesterday, the Sabbath is a day for re-creation and special intimacy with me, but it is also a day for refreshment and bonding with each other in a deeper way than any other day. Adam and Eve were personally blessed in their relationship with each other on that first Sabbath as they worshipped me together, which set the tone for their loving relationship and bonding through the rest of the week and the rest of their lives. So it should be with you. Each day should be a day for love to be passed on to each other in the family and to others, and the weekly Sabbath is a time for rebuilding that relationship with me, and then to flow out to everyone within the sphere of your influence. However, if the Sabbath experience deteriorates into a form only, then the power of my love which I give as a gift to each one who worships me in spirit and in truth is lost, and the Sabbath becomes a ritual or duty and loses its power to transform. Now go to the activities of your day, but keep your hearts open to the special blessings that I want to give you today to refresh and fill you with spiritual energy for the rest of the week which you can share with everyone you meet that will make them say: When I was with that person, I felt the presence of God! Lovingly, Jesus.

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