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Go Forward

Dearest Ones, I love you with an everlasting love and I do not want you to ever feel separated from me or feel that I have removed myself from you, for I never have and I never will. You are the apple of my eye, as are all of my beloved ones who are following me closely and with all their hearts. I do have a special message for you today and for all who will hear. I am about to loosen the winds even more as a call to my people all over the globe. Things will happen that will seem bizarre and frightening to people and cause them to desire to find safety in any way possible. But I will protect you and each of my beloved ones who are carrying the torch of my truth around the world. I want you to send Curtis, my chosen servant, to Kenya as quickly as possible, because the world will be an unsafe place more rapidly than you can imagine except for my miraculous watchcare over my servants. I will provide the funds you need - just go forward and I will open the doors before you to expedite his journey and his work for me. I will do the same for each of you who are laboring so faithfully for me, and soon the light of truth will go to every country and every person on the planet. Then I will close probation for all, and then the plagues will fall. To me this is like the week before the flood when the animals came miraculously into the ark of safety before the doors were forever closed. So do not become weary of well-doing, or discouraged by anything that you may encounter, for my purpose will prevail if you go forward by faith believing in me and following my daily instructions. Nothing can stop the progress of my last warning message to call the people who love and respect me into the ark of safety. Now go to the activities of your day, but never let yourself become discouraged by circumstances or even by your own failures, for if you will look to me, I will provide all you need to do my will and accomplish everything that I have assigned to you. My presence will go with you and sustain you. Oh, if only your eyes could be opened to see the presence of the holy angels that I have assigned to be with you and protect and guide you and guard your every step! It is a token of my love and care for you to bring heaven near to you and bear you up in angels' wings. Soon - sooner than you think - the conflict will be over and you will be at home with me. Until then, be faithful to me and I will be faithful to you and carry you across the Jordan into the promised land of your inheritance. Lovingly, Jesus.

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