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I am Always with You

Dearest Ones, I am in constant communication with you now because every moment is of vital importance as time is passing into eternity. The things that are happening in the world are for the express purpose of arousing my people to this moment of time until I close the door probation. I am pleased with your dedication and determination to follow me moment by moment and not to become lax in your devotion and fervor, and to continue the activities that are necessary to open the doors for further opportunities for the messages of truth that I have given you to go out quickly to the world. You do not need to worry about anything in your present and future, because I will provide all you need as you move forward in faith. But you do need to trust that I love you and that I am pleased with you, because it is sometimes easy to become discouraged when you feel that you have made mistakes or have lost your connection with me. As the clouds sometimes obscure the sun, so it may seem that you cannot see me beside you by faith, but I assure you that I am there. Your faith in my love and care for you must not waver in the days ahead, because faith is the victory that overcomes the world, and faith through darkness, weariness, and temptations to become discouraged is essential. Persevere through the trials of each day, and you will soon see my face again as you hold on to my hand and walk with me. Look past the trials and see me surrounding you with an atmosphere of heavenly love. Reach out and touch me through the words of scripture that are always there for you. It is just as verily me as if you could see me standing there beside you. So never look down at your challenges, but look up to your victories and to the joy of being my faithful disciples and friends through the most difficult days that lie ahead. Satan may try to discourage you, but never allow yourself to parley with the enemy for one moment. Do not talk to him, for he loves to get your attention by accusing you of some weakness or fault. But as you look up to me, your weaknesses will turn into strengths and your faults will turn into victories as you give them over to me for inspiration and healing. That is what it means to wear my robe of righteousness, for without me you can do nothing, but through connection with me, my perfect righteousness can flow through you and become your righteousness, and you will be cleansed of earthly thoughts, feelings and behaviors. What a joy it becomes to both you and me to have such a life of peace and oneness with each other! Now go to the activities of your day, but give thought during the day to your walk with me and let me give you the love and guidance I have for you moment by moment, and you will be a vessel of honor forever in my kingdom! Lovingly, Jesus.

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