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Our only Safety

Dearest Ones, As we move forward together, please be aware that the devil is walking about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour, and you are a target of his wrath because he sees you moving forward, and he knows that your message is a death knell to his cause. He is asking for permission to slay you because you are not completely cleansed in every aspect, yet you are carrying the final message of truth to the world as I am asking you to do. But be not afraid, for I am with you to protect and guard you as you go forward at my command. You are soldiers in the Lord's army, and as such you are under my constant guardianship. However do not become careless and complacent, or bold in your own strength, but lie humbly at my feet and trust in me and not in yourself, and I will protect and guide you in the days ahead. I am never absent from you for one moment. But as you enter into the final battle with the evil one, your only safety is in looking constantly to me and following my instructions. Be alert, be watchful, be bold in speaking the truth and entering new horizons for the glory of my Father, and I will be with you to lead, Inspire, and protect you. Go now to the activities of your day, but keep your ear tuned to the still small voice of my Spirit. I love and value your devotion and willingness to do anything I ask you to do, and together we will triumph over the enemy and win the victory over the hosts of darkness. Lovingly, Jesus.

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