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Protection During the Great Time of Trouble

Dearest Ones, I have enjoyed being with you today by the presence of the Holy Spirit as the love of my Father for you has been displayed. I want to lift up my Father to you more and more as the end and close of probation draws near. You need to know that although my Father and I will be occupied with the pouring out of the wrath of God upon the wicked during the time of trouble, we will be with you and guiding and protecting you through the Holy Spirit and the angels. Please remember that the Holy Spirit is God as well, and loves you and cares for you just as we do. It is He who inspired the prophets through the ages, and He brings messages to you from us. Thus you will never be alone and never separated from us and our love, care, and protection. Now go to the activities of your day, but keep in mind that you are ever on our mind, and we have great plans for you as you move forward like an army against the foe. The work will go forward quickly, for the media gives you contact with the world, and you are using it well for my glory and the spread of my last rays of light to the world. Never let yourselves become despondent or discouraged, for all darkness of thought is from the evil one and he must be dispelled from your presence as soon as you perceive that he is attempting to insert his thoughts and feelings into your mind. Put up the bars of your gates and expel the enemy from your presence. He must leave when the Holy Spirit lifts up the standard of truth against him. Now, my beloved ones, enjoy your Sabbath together, and just remember that we are with you through the presence of the Holy Spirit and the angels. Lovingly, Jesus

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