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Dearest Ones, I have happiness in my heart for each of you because you are traveling so faithfully on the narrow road to the kingdom of glory. Each day you cherish the beams of light that I am sending you from my throne, and you rejoice at my slightest whisper. What a delight to me is you're willing spirit and eagerness to please me. Now the topic for today is "readiness." By this I mean, stand up and be ready for the rapidity in which events of momentous importance will transpire this year. I am looking forward to speeding my work forward in the earth and the closing up of history, and with you at my side, my angels can do the work of harvesting the earth. You have the message and I have the power. Now go to the activities of your day, but watch for my providences and listen to my still, small voice in your heart guiding you every day. Always remember that I will never leave you nor forsake you, no matter what appearances or feelings may whisper to you. Times ahead will be difficult, but your faith in me and my power to deliver you from temptation and trial must never waiver. Do not allow yourself to become discouraged or faithless, for I have an answer to every problem, and I will be a faithful husband to you in every emergency. Just remember that I am by your side and together we will conquer every difficulty. Look to me today and every day and keep your faith strong and your eyes upon me, and the days will go by triumphantly over every obstacle the devil may place in your pathway. Now keep hold of my hand, for I am your sure guide until the clouds of heaven part and you look up and see me coming in the glory of my Father. Lovingly, Jesus.

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