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Share the advanced light with the world

Dearest Ones, I just have a short message for you today to instruct you to go forward as quickly as I open the way for you. Try all doors and I will open the ones that will guide you on the correct pathway. I am touching many hearts around the world to be open for the messages of hope and instruction in righteousness that I am giving to you. You are the ones with the most light, but I am giving others the same light and they, too, are moving forward. But the advanced light on the trumpets and the deep experiential meaning of the Sanctuary belongs to you because you have asked for and received the body of truth that you now possess. But it is to be shared with the world, for it is a saving message for these last days to prepare a people to be cleansed and ready when I come. Now go to the activities of your day, and I will be with you by my Spirit and the angels whom I have assigned to attend you. Therefore you are never alone, and the inspiration I have for you will be multiplied as you share it with others. Be of good cheer, for you are the last of the remnant that I will use to call all the faithful and honest in heart to the banquet of my love for the entire human race. Lovingly, Jesus.

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