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Taking the Message to the Common People

Dearest Ones, You have come to a crossroads in your service for me that I must tell you about so that you will understand how to follow my guidance and leading in your witness for me. You have done faithfully and well everything that I have asked you to do, and have shared my truths for this time in every way possible. But now I want you to go out to the highways and byways to share the truth with the so-called little people -- those who may seem insignificant, but who are responding to my Spirit without the prejudice that is raised by the truths that I have given you which is unacceptable to those in leadership positions. I am not abandoning them, but I have given them an opportunity to see the present truth that I have given to you, but the majority see no light in it and are fixed upon what they feel is the truth, but in reality it is a mixture of truth and error which keeps their eyes closed to anything which they consider to be dangerous. I will give them other opportunities later, and some will yet respond when the signs in the earth become clearer. In the meantime, do not let their inability to understand depress you, for I am well acquainted with the rejection of leaders, as you know. It is sad, but understandable when the heart is set on only one way of perceiving truth. Nevertheless, be joyful that the truth is revealed to babes and publicans, and these will go into the kingdom of heaven before those who refuse advancing light because they think they already have all the truth that is necessary to enter the kingdom of heaven. I am on the march to the end, and so it will be until I close probation and go out to punish the wicked. Now go to your rest, but keep your heart open to my slightest whisper, for I often speak mysteries to you in the quietness of the night, or anytime your heart is open to hear my voice. Sleep well, for when the morning comes I will have even more to reveal to you when you have your devotions at the beginning of another day together. Lovingly, Jesus.

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