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The Love of Jesus for You

Dearest Ones, My thoughts are with you today as you begin another day. You do not know what it will hold, but every moment is an open book for me. I have walked this path before you, and I know every bump in the road that you will travel, and I have smoothed the way for you. So do not worry about what you will encounter, for I will walk it with you and keep you safe from all harm and danger. Because I know the road that you will take, you do not need to worry about sudden fears or problems that I cannot solve, for I have already solved them for you, and I will share my secrets with you if you will come to me with all your fears and joys and all the thoughts of your heart. You can never worry me or surprise me or make me turn away from you, for I have the heart of a mother for her newborn child. She is alert to every whimper, and delights in every smile. Have you ever seen the wondrous connection between a mother and her baby? I put that connection there to show you how I feel about each one of you! You cannot weary me, you cannot make me turn away from you and forget you, for I have engraved you upon my heart. That is love in its most perfect state, and that is the love I have for you! So go to your day without fear of clouds on the horizon, for those clouds will disappear as we walk through them together. Moment by moment, day by day, we will face every trial, every fear, every problem which we will encounter in our journey together, and you will be kept safe under the shadow of my wings until I receive you unto myself and we live in my heavenly kingdom forever! Lovingly, Jesus.

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