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The Three Sections of the Sanctuary

Dearest Ones, I want to share some things today from my heart that will help you understand more fully the issues that we are facing in the area of my Most Holy Place work in the heavenly Sanctuary. You see, each part of the Sanctuary has something to do with the human mind, and the three areas that need to be brought into full harmony with me. As you already know, the court represents the behavioral section of our relationship. Some people think that correct behavior is all that I require in order to be ready for my coming kingdom. In fact, they live on the behavioral level in all their relationships. These people have been stunted in childhood by their relationship with their parents, who did not teach them the deep love and bonding that every person needs, but is not always available in every home situation. So they have no reserve to give back to me what they have never had. As long as such people have genuinely given all of themselves that they know how to do, I accept that as their best service, and they will be with me in heaven because they have given me their all, and I make up the difference by crediting my perfect righteousness to their account. Thus it has always been throughout the history of mankind since the fall in Eden. Salvation through behavioral obedience is represented by the court section of the earthly Sanctuary, and began with the altar at the gate of the Garden of Eden, facing the flaming swords of the angels who were protecting the place of their innocence and perfection before they fell. And no one will ever pass through that gate again who has not been restored back to the original perfection, purity, and innocence of Adam and Eve before they listened to the serpent and partook of the fruit from the forbidden tree of the knowledge of both good & evil. The next section of the Sanctuary is represented by the Holy Place. Notice the wording, "Holy" Place. As Ellen White has correctly penned, "Holiness is agreement with God." 5T 743. This denotes a higher level of obedience than behavior only. In behavioral obedience, the person has come into agreement with me on the veracity of the principles of the law as being best for the happiness and well-being of mankind, and if their obedience springs from a true heart of love and respect for me, I accept that as righteousness. But if it is only tacit obedience to earn or win my favor to avoid being lost, the motive is centered upon self and is not salvational, for there is no true heart agreement with me and my principles. In other words, they really never knew me or connected with me in a relationship of love, and their motives for serving me were purely from self-preservation. But Holy Place obedience involves your heart, and an emotional experience with me that includes your feelings, and a love relationship with me personally, that permits emotional bonding; it also includes hearing my voice and understanding my principles and my law from an attitude of love and mutual respect. At this level a person is capable of having such a deep and growing relationship with me that they would rather die than purposefully do anything that would break our relationship. However, that same person, when dealing with other people on a personal level, may display human emotions, attitudes, and behaviors which do not represent me and my loving ways of dealing with the faults, mistakes, and sins of fallen mankind. Impatience, angry words, and things that wound self and others, are behaviors that stem from childhood, and must also be overcome. They must be recognized as sin, and repented of daily in the continuing maturation of every Christian. That is why the first apartment of the Sanctuary was called The "Daily," because it represented the daily cleansing needed in the growing Christian experience, with the goal of becoming more and more healed and Christlike in thoughts, emotions, and behavior. But in order for the problem of sin to be ended, there must be a cleansing of the heart and life from the presence and power of sin completely. This is represented by the Most Holy Place. It is here that I have been ministering since 1844. The goal of my work is to make an end of sin and sinning as was prophesied that I would do in Daniel 9:24. That is why the blood of bulls and goats could not bring an end to sin because it was only behavioral obedience to the laws of the old covenant. [Heb. 9:11-15.] But I came with the blood of my perfect righteousness to apply to the altar of your heart. And when you agree with and accept my perfect sacrifice in the innermost temple of your heart, sin is done away with completely, and you live my life by the power of the Holy Spirit, and the records and memories of your sins are eradicated and blotted out, nevermore to come into mind. [Isa. 26:12-14.] This is the new covenant of my grace which I give you when you surrender your whole heart to me - your behavior, your thoughts and feelings, and the motivations behind your thoughts and feelings [1Chron. 28:9], which include the behaviors that spring from hereditary and cultivated sins that come from your childhood. These thoughts and behaviors cause you to do and think and feel and react from roots of sin which were set in you before you even possessed the intellectual ability to know me and give your heart to me. These you must examine with me as I walk through your memories with you and reveal them to you as you are able to understand. I don't cleanse and blot out anyone's sins without their agreement and permission. These are the terms of the new covenant. [Jer. 31:31-34; Heb. 8:8-12.] So what is the experience that you can have with me in the Most Holy Place? It is called Most Holy because it represents the conscience area of the brain, and contains all the motivational reasons behind what you think and do. These must be cleansed, because they come from the seeds of sinful thoughts, feelings, and urges that were sown by the evil one throughout your life, especially in the beginning, or childhood years. As Paul says: "For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears. When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me." 1 Cor. 13:9-11. You must step quickly, for the hour is late. Put all your powers of reasoning into action, and seek me for cleansing and regeneration on every level of your mind. I will not fail you nor forsake you until the process is complete. Then the devil will have no more access to you! [EW 271.] Your sins and mistakes will be blotted out forever from the records of your mind and the corresponding records of your life. Only my righteousness will appear there, and by the application of my blood and my righteousness, you will be a fit candidate for heaven. Will you accept my invitation today to walk with me and become a finished product of my sacrifice and my intercessory work for you? Come to me and be healed of all the damage the devil has done to you, and I will heal you completely and wipe away your tears and take away your fears, and banish the evil one forever from taking you down into darkness because of his accusations. I am looking forward to walking together with you today and every day until I come and take you home. Take my hand, now, and I will walk with you as I did with Enoch. Lovingly, Jesus. Addendum notes: "The truth is kept altogether too much in the outer court. Bring it into the inner temple of the soul, enthrone it in the heart, and let it control the life. The word of God should be studied and obeyed, then the heart will find rest and peace and joy, and the aspirations will tend heavenward; but when truth is kept apart from the life, in the outer court, the heart is not warmed with the glowing fire of God's goodness." 5 T 547.

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